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  2. The rally against the denunciation of rallies authorization was denounced in Yaroslavl

The rally against the denunciation of rallies authorization was denounced in Yaroslavl

Daniil Kuznetsov
Yulia Makhrakova
Photo by Alexander Stepanov
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The Libertarian Party of Russia (LPR) activists submitted the request for a rally on the Truda Square in Yaroslavl. They wanted to hold a rally in defense of the human right to freedom of assembly, but the administration rejected it, as said to «7x7» by Yulia Makhrakova, an LPR activist, on July 24.

The libertarians wanted to hold a rally on July 31 in support of Article 31 of the Constitution which guarantees the right to freedom of assembly, but the application was rejected by Kirov and Leninsky districts administration of Yaroslavl. The topic was stated as it was: “Stop denouncing the authorization of rallies”. The officials replied that the place on Truda Square had already been given to an event organized by a Belekhov E.A., and proposed to submit a request for another venue for the rally. Holding two events on one square, according to officials, is a threat to the safety of the participants.

For Julia Makhrakova, this denunciation was not a surprise but a part of the political action.

“The announced rally against the administration's denunciation of rallies authorization is, of course, an amusing performance, but one should understand that the bureaucratic system creates chaos by its extreme impudentment and at the expense of civil society. I have been watching for a long time how they are trying to discourage people to go peacefully on the streets of our home town, and this happens systematically throughout the country. It is no longer a secret how local administrations brazenly cause mayhem by refusing to authorize rallies, referring to fake and non-existing events that allegedly take place in the same place and at the same time”.

The Yaroslavl libertarians submitted the request for a rally against raising the retirement age on July 29, but they were refused to be provided with Truda Square, so they decided to hold a rally in the hyde park.

Alexey Navalny supporters have included Lyubov Surova, the former head of the Kirov and Leninsky districts of Yaroslavl administration, in their “Black Notebook” because of her continuous denunciation of opposition actions authorization.

In Yaroslavl, several rallies of Navalny's supporters were not authorized: the procession “He is not our tzar”, rallies against bringing there Moscow garbage and raising the retirement age. But the activists still held them. Alexander Smirnov, the deputy coordinator of Navalny's headquarters in Yaroslavl, was filed three administrative offence reports for the violation of rallies legislation.


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