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  2. Journalists’ trade union called Roskomnadzor's attacks on "7x7" an "act of undisguised censorship"

Journalists’ trade union called Roskomnadzor's attacks on "7x7" an "act of undisguised censorship"

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Journalists’ trade union published a statement in support of «7x7» after Komi Roskomnadzor drew up a report on the administrative violation of the editor-in-chief Sofia Krapotkina for publishing an interview with libertarian Mikhail Svetov. Roskomnadzor perceived propaganda of drugs in Svetov’s arguments. On May 28, the union called the actions of the department an act of censorship.

Union activists appealed to Roskomnadzor officials:

"The trade union of journalists regards this as an act of undisguised censorship and abuse of the legislative norm to exert pressure on the media. We believe that Mikhail Svetov's words contained no approval and calls for drug use (they referred exclusively to the social origins and results of this phenomenon), and also believe that no change in society for the better is possible without public discussion. Drug addiction, like any other social problem, will not disappear if it is forbidden to talk about it. The trade union of journalists calls Roskomnadzor to refrain from attacks on «7x7», Svetov and from possible claims to the author of the video Alexander Smoleev. Stop discrediting yourself and the Russian state by botched attempts to carry out brutal censorship masquerading as combating violations of the law."

Under Article 6.13 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, a fine of 4 to 5 thousand rubles threatens an individual for the propaganda of drugs, and legal body has to pay from 800 thousand rubles up to one million and to face suspension of activities up to 90 days.

«7x7» does not agree with the claims of Roskomnadzor and will challenge them in court.

In early March «7x7» published an interview of blogger Alexander Smoleev with activist of the Libertarian Party of Russia Mikhail Svetov. He talked about the ideology of libertarianism, the relationship with the state, the legalization of same-sex marriages, and crime as a consequence of the drug business. Svetov called all people who use heroin idiots. Experts found propaganda of heroin in his words, and the condemnations of drug addiction were considered "isolated".

«7x7» sent an official explanation to Roskomnadzor. Blogger Alexander Smoleev and Mikhail Svetov agreed with the editorial position.

Activist Mikhail Svetov has his own YouTube channel called SVTV, he popularizes libertarianism.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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