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Arkhangelsk environmentalists ceased the activity of "Aetas"

Logo of a new ecomovement
Photo of the \"42\" movement

The Arkhangelsk environmental organization "Aetas" announced the termination of its activities, instead of it activists created a public environmental movement "42".

The public organization "Aetas" remains to exist only as a legal entity — its founders can not liquidate NGO because of a fine of 150 thousand rubles, issued by the Ministry of Justice. On February 13, Arkhangelsk environmentalists published a farewell to "Aetas" on "VKontakte": "After 19 years, before the anniversary of the anniversary, the youth environmental organization "Aetas" ceases to exist. [...] Thanks to all who were with us all this time, who helped to implement our projects and supported in difficult times. For 19 years, a lot of people worked with "Aetas", and depending on the year "Aetas" was different. Thanks to the members of the organization, volunteers, supporters, partners — each of you created a history of the organization."

The VK community is now called "Ecological Movement of Arkhangelsk "42". The number 42 in the name of the movement is a reference to Article 42 of the Constitution of Russia: "Everyone has the right to a favorable environment and reliable information about its condition."

"Our mission is the preservation of the natural heritage through the formation of a community with an environmentally friendly way of life, exercising wise environmental management, responsible to future generations," activists of the new movement wrote.

Head of "Aetas" Anastasia Kochneva told the «7x7» correspondent, than "42" will be different from her former organization:

"First of all, the movement will not have a legal entity. The composition of participants will be different. The movement will have a horizontal structure without a leader. The movement will continue some projects of "Aetas" on separate waste collection and renewable energy. Perhaps, more attention will be paid to environmental education."

Kochneva said that she would not be a member of the movement "42".

In November 2016, "Aetas" was evicted from the school premises, which environmentalists used for 17 years and made repairs at their own expense. Activists were engaged in separate collection of waste in Arkhangelsk, environmental education, organized an annual gathering of waste paper and plastic "EcoBattle".

"Aetas" was recognized as a "foreign agent" on September 1, 2017. In October 2017, the Solombala District Court of Arkhangelsk issued a fine for the fact that environmentalists did not include themselves in the register of organizations that perform the functions of "foreign agents."

In December 2017, «7x7» published a report about the life of "Aetas".

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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