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Attack on volunteer of Sobchak’s headquarter in Oryol

Sobchak’s headquarter in Oryol
by Alena Posadskaya

On January 10, 57-year-old Valentina Shakhova, who collected signatures for the nomination of journalist Ksenia Sobchak as a presidential candidate, was attacked by a man.

"He caught up with me on the street and said that he was a former policeman with 20 years of experience, demanded to give the documents that his mother signed, and then grabbed my jacket and tore it," Valentina Shakhova said.

Shakhova appealed to the police, it conducts an inspection at the moment.

On the same day, the attacker himself appealed to the police. "Orel News" reported: "A 41-year-old man applied to the police with a statement that an unknown woman came to an apartment of his elderly relative asking for the signing of blank sheets of paper. After her departure, the pensioner phoned her relative and informed about the visit. Arriving, the man asked to return the sheet with a signature, which was the reason for the conflict."


Coordinator of the Oryol headquarter of Ksenia Sobchak Sergey Nosov


Oryol headquarter denied that the volunteer could ask the woman to sign blank sheets.

"We consider this information to be fake and we are preparing an appeal to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Oryol region," Dmitry Krayukhin, headquater’s lawyer, told «7x7». "The fact is that there were simply no "blank sheets of paper". Our volunteers are provided with printed forms covered by the election fund of Sobchak, which state: "Signature sheet" and further: "We, the undersigned, support the nomination of K.A. Sobchak". The person puts a signature and date, the passport data is written by the volunteer. That means there were no empty sheets.

On the eve of the New Year, unknown people first tried to break and then knock out the door in Sobchak's Oryol headquarter, Ksenia Sobchak wrote about it on her Instagram account. She believes that her headquarters are threatened by a public organization called "Civil Patrol":

"Well, that's the beginning of the attacks on my headquarters. They beat my collectors, force open doors, pass packets with threats, send out letters. All this happens at the same time, as if it had been prepared for a long time... My lawyer, Konstantin Dobrynin, has already applied to the prosecutor's office demanding to hold an inspection of "Civil Patrol" and make a claim for liquidation of this organization in connection with violation of the current legislation. We will fight for our civil rights!".

Alena Posadskaya, photo by the author, «7x7»


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