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  2. Another prisoner in the Kirov region was prosecuted for reporting torture in the colony

Another prisoner in the Kirov region was prosecuted for reporting torture in the colony

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The Office of the Investigative Committee for the Kirov region instituted criminal proceedings for deliberately false denunciation of the convict serving a sentence in the Kirov colony. The case appeared after he reported torture on the part of the staff.

According to investigators, on December 25, 2017, the prisoner wrote a statement that the colony officers tortured him with an electric shocker in March 2017. The pre-investigation check did not confirm the fact of torture, therefore, a false denunciation was initiated against the prisoner.

The press service of the Kirov FSIN department informed that this incident happened in colony No.1 in the Omutninsky district. The name of the convict is not disclosed.

Earlier another convicted for giving false testimony Alexey Galkin complained about bullying in this colony in 2007-2012.

For the 3rd time, false denunciation is initiated against a prisoner who reported torture. To the question of the correspondent of «7x7» about the reasons for the increase in the number of such cases, the head of the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, Irina Kolchina answered that this prisoner and convicted earlier for similar crimes Alexey Galkin and Eduard Gorbunov were "malicious regime violators" and "wanted to undermine the authority of the penitentiary system staff".

In 2017, two people were convicted of false denunciation of torture in the Kirov region. Alexey Galkin, who told about the humiliation after his release, received two years of a strict-regime colony. Eduard Gorbunov got additional year and two months of imprisonment. Now Galkin is tried for insulting an employee of the remand prison.

According to the Kirov UFSIN, representatives of human rights organizations mislead the convicts, convincing them that they can get indulgences in the regime of detention by blackening employees. Anastasia Zotova, representative of the human rights movement "For Human Rights", replied that these prisoners apply for legal support, not vice versa, and they are immediately warned about possibility of being accused of a false denunciation for reporting a torture.

Katerina Klepikovskaya, «7x7»


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