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  2. Volzhsk police detained activist of "Mari Ushem" on the eve of memorial rally

Volzhsk police detained activist of "Mari Ushem" on the eve of memorial rally

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Tatar activist from Yoshkar-Ola, Ramai Yuldash, informed the«7x7» correspondent that police of Volzhsk detained a member of the national public organization "Mari Ushem" Igor Borodin on October 14, when he was going to Kazan for a rally in memory of defenders who died during the capture of the city by troops of Ivan the Terrible.

According to Yuldash, delegation of four people of "Mari Ushem" took part in the annual Kazan rally. They arrived with flags of the organization and the official flag of Mari El of 2006-2011. The action was coordinated by the authorities.

According to Igor Borodin, the official reason for his detention is unknown, since the protocol was not compiled. Law enforcement officers conducted a "political talk" with him, and on the basis of this he linked his detention to the Kazan meeting.

Activists of the national movement of Tatarstan initiate celebration of Kazan Memorial Day annually.

On October 15, 1552, Kazan was captured by the 180 thousand strong Russian army. The army of defenders included Tatars, Nogais, Udmurts, Mordvins, Chuvashes and Mari. The siege of Kazan lasted 41 days. Captured city was plundered and annexed to the Tsardom of Moscow.

Dmitry Lyubimov, «7x7»


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