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Seller who treated kvass to gay was fired in Kirov

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The seller of Herman Sterligov's store was fired because she treated kvass to a young man who called himself gay.

According to a store manager Andrei, a young man came to the store, told the seller that he was gay, and she, despite the ban on the entry of homosexuals in the store, treated him with kvass. The seller was fired on September 24.

According to the manager, the young man came to the store to provoke.

"The seller made a big mistake. She treated him with kvass, and then began to discuss with him saying that she was not against them. If you know the biblical story, you know what happened to Sodom. In the holy scripture, all sodomites are subject to death. We only have a shield, so that the sodomites and sodomites could not come to us. We do not want to expose ourselves, our families and our customers who are against such people, meeting with them," said the manager.

When asked how the dismissal of an employee is consistent with the provisions of the Labor Code, Andrei replied that they do not live by the code, but by the laws of God.

Deputy head of the state inspection of the Kirov region on legal issues Natalia Krysova told «7x7» that it was impossible to dismiss an employee for doing any service or selling a product to a homosexual.

"The labor legislation does not provide such a basis for dismissal. If they consider this to be improper performance of duties, then the employee must have at least one more disciplinary penalty."

«7x7» failed to find out the name of the seller and to contact her.

The store of the Russian peasant assembly leader Herman Sterligov opened in Kirov at the end of December 2016. It sells natural products. According to the catalog on the Sterligov website, a loaf of shaped bread costs 550 rubles, a kilogram of flour — 200 rubles, milk — 300 rubles for a liter, cottage cheese — 1800 rubles. for 0.5 kg.

In May 2017, the police seized a batch of "True Vyatka kvass" from the Sterligov store, an administrative case was opened into the use of someone else's trademark. In Kirov, the "Vyatich" factory produces kvass "Vyatsky".

At the entrance to the Sterligov stores in the regions there are signs forbidding the entry of gays. In Perm, the police checked the sign and found nothing illegal in it. In St. Petersburg, the store was closed because of the same announcement.

Katerina Klepikovskaya, «7x7»



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