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  2. Protection of the Karelian historian Dmitriev asked the court to suspend photography examination

Protection of the Karelian historian Dmitriev asked the court to suspend photography examination

Viktor Anufriev would appeal against the court's decision to appoint a new forensic examination of photographs from the case of Karelian researcher Yuri Dmitriev.

The lawyer is not satisfied with the choice of an expert organization – the Federal Department of Independent Judicial Examination, offered by the Petrozavodsk prosecutor.

"In court, I proposed two state expert institutions: the Serbsky Center or the Medical Examination Center of the Russian Ministry of Health, but the judge flatly refused to entrust this case to such authoritative structures," Anufriev said. "First, the prosecutor insisted on the Intellectual Property Agency from Moscow. I was against it. When I heard the "federal department", I thought it was a state organization, but it turned out to be a private office. And it's even worse than the previous one. I sent a petition to let me and Professor Lev Shcheglov participate in the examination. The court replied that such a petition must be declared during the court session. But this is a violation of the law! I can make a petition at any time in any form. In response, I sent another petition to suspend the examination."

The Federal Department of Independent Forensic Expertise is a commercial organization with an authorized capital of 10,000 rubles, Anufriev could find none of its employees. He insists that by law the court can not trust the examination of a commercial company. Besides, the experts' names are still unknown. The results of the new examination will be announced in Petrozavodsk city court on October 11."

According to the newspaper "Fontanka", the Federal Department of Independent Forensic Expertise was registered in a residential apartment in St. Petersburg next to the administration of Rosgvardia. There is no information about the expert organization either on the house or on the door of the apartment. Neighbors told the reporter that "ordinary people who work on the Apraksin market" live in this apartment.

In a telephone conversation with the correspondent of "Novaya Gazeta" in St. Petersburg, Yulia Goncharova, the company's general director, refused to name the specialists.

Yuri Dmitriev was detained in his apartment on December 13, 2016. Karelian historian was accused of making pornographic photographs of his adopted daughter. However, Dmitriev's defense, as well as experts who spoke in court, believe that the pictures are a diary of the girl's health.

The trial began on June 1 – Yuri Dmitriev was accused of three articles at once. In addition to producing pornographic materials depicting minors, he was charged with Article 135 of the Russian Criminal Code ('Non-violent sexual abuse’) and 222 ('Illegal keeping of firearms'). The Dmitriev case is being heard behind closed doors, because it concerns a sexual offence against a minor. 

Petrozavodsk City Court appointed repeated examination of photographs of Yuri Dmitriev's daughter on September 15. Anufriev managed to convince the court that the previous examination was not objective and professional: 9 pictures out of 114 were considered to be pornographic, but all of them were part of the girl's diary. However, Marina Nosova satisfied the petition for the analysis of only these nine pictures from the historian's home archive.

Anna Yarovaya, «7x7»


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