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  2. Farmer brought rotten berries to a picket near the government building of Karelia

Farmer brought rotten berries to a picket near the government building of Karelia

Farmer from the Prionezhsky district Mikhail Zenzin held a single picket on September 6. The man came to the entrance of the region administration with a box of rotten berries and poster: 'Rotten harvest for the rotten work of the government from a grateful farmer'.

After a few minutes a woman invited him to the reception room of the head, and he was able to make an appointment in October 2017, but he had to threw out the berries.

According to Zenzin, being a farmer in Karelia is not an easy task. He would like to receive help from government but it only makes trouble. He tried to obtain permission to sell his products in Petrozavodsk several times, but without success.

'Karelia needs agricultural market. People grow a lot of products, but we can not sell on the street, because the issue of street trading has not been resolved yet.'

It was not his first protest. In the spring of 2013, he held a picket in front of the building of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Karelia because CJSC began cutting down the forest on the territory of 13 hectares, transferred to the farmer for unlimited use.

In 2014, he held a single picket outside the government building and went on a hunger strike. As the farmer told the Forest portal, he could not carry out agricultural activities for several years and develop natural tourism in the vicinity of the village of Ladva-Vetka, because the tenant of the forest fund broke the road.

Zenzin poured himself water in sub-zero temperatures near the Karelian Ministry for Nature Management and Ecology, demonstrating how the small business was being 'frozen' in the republic. A month later the inhabitant of Ladva-Vetka came to the government building again, but with a noose around his neck. In 2015, Zenzin stood in the way of logging equipment and did not allow cutting down the forest.

According to Zenzin, in 2016 this problem was resolved only after personal intervention of the former deputy head of Karelia Oleg Telnov.

Gleb Yarovoy, «7x7»


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