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  2. Activists of Navalny's Tver headquarters were detained for agitation picket

Activists of Navalny's Tver headquarters were detained for agitation picket

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Activists of Navalny's Tver headquarters were detained on August 19 during the agitation picket. They are accused of organizing and holding a public event without notifying the local authorities.

'We were detained, the cube was seized. They drew up a protocol and let us go. We handed out newspapers and leaflets, and went to Tver,' head of the headquarters Andrei Prokudin said.

According to Prokudin, during the installation of the cube, a lieutenant colonel of police approached them and announced a violation of the law. Prokudin disagreed, referring to the law on rallies and the decree of the Tver government: local authorities do not need to be notified of holding a public event on this square.

'Neither the police officer nor the officials from the administration listened to our arguments, they did not want to get acquainted with the specific article, although I had printed all the necessary laws,' the head of the staff said.

After the detention, Prokudin received threats on VKontakte. The head of the headquarters is going to file an application 'just in case'; it is also planned to appeal the police actions during the detention.

The trial will take place in Tver. Activists will face a fine of up to 40,000 rubles, compulsory work up to 15 hours, or arrest up to 10 days.

Navalny's headquarters in Tver opened on May 29. It is the 43rd headquarters in Russia. Until August 19, the police did not stop the agitation events. There were no obstacles during the symbolic farewell to the River Station, which collapsed on August 7.

Alexey Polukhin, «7x7»


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