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  2. Mari El Ministry of Justice forbade pickets on empty squares before the arrival of Vladimir Putin in Yoshkar-Ola

Mari El Ministry of Justice forbade pickets on empty squares before the arrival of Vladimir Putin in Yoshkar-Ola

Picket agreed

Civil activist Yuri Shalangin published information about banning of uncoordinated public actions on the squares in the center of Yoshkar-Ola on July 19 and 20. According to him, at first the regional Ministry of Justice agreed on his application to hold a picket with demands to revise the results of voucher privatization.

Picket banned

After a while officials of the department sent an updated document from the Yoshkar-Ola administration with new information about planned shopping facilities for the sale of souvenirs and food on the same squares.

The activist sent a second application, which indicated a new time for the picket. Officials of the Ministry of Justice refused again citing the cleaning of the square, and recommended to hold a picket after July 20.

Empty squares

In the morning of July 19, squares were quiet and empty. Several trading tents were installed on one square. Usually they do not interfere with public actions.



'He is coming, he is coming...'

Yuri Shalangin wrote that it was important for him to hold a public action and tell about the consequences of the voucher privatization of the early 1990s precisely on the day of the president arrival. He suspects that it is the reason of banning his public action.

Request to the City Hall

Activist sent a request to the deputy head of the city administration, Elena Yakovleva, with a request to indicate the list of activities planned in Yoshkar-Ola in July.

The official was not available for comments.

What will happen on July 20

On July 19, the media reported on the visit of the Russian president to Yoshkar-Ola. According to TASS, Vladimir Putin will hold a meeting of the Council on Interethnic Relations. According to the news agency, the President will visit the National Museum named after T. Evseev and hold a meeting with the regional head Alexander Evstifeev.

Dmitry Lyubimov, photo of the author, «7x7»


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