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PARNAS Deputy Chairman Yuri Bogomolov refused to visit the Ryazan police

Ryazan oppositionist Yuri Bogomolov was summoned to the police station for testimony: he allegedly published forbidden symbols in social network. According to Bogomolov’s video message on «7x7», he believes that the issue is 'far-fetched': he did not post anything forbidden, so he refused to go to the police 'in his own volition'.

On the video, the oppositionist was sitting on the couch wearing T-shirt 'Who are the judges?’, and explaining why he was 'actually' called to the police. Yuri Bogomolov blame it on calling FSB officers 'jerks' in his recent publication.

The politician does not intend to take back his words. He is sure that law enforcement agencies 'struggle with children and old women' and are ‘servants of crooks and bandits', and he refuses to meet them. However, he is not going to hide.

'If there is forcible detention, I will be forced to submit,' Yuri Bogomolov concluded his video message.

According to his blog, he called the FSB representatives 'noughts' in the social network a few days earlier. According to Bogomolov's neighbors, two 'heavy-faced men' came to his apartment on July 7. On July 9, the oppositionist wrote that his suspicions confirmed: the visitors were 'from the force’.

In September, 2016 Bogomolov already had a conflict with Department for Countering Extremism. The reason was a critical publication addressed to the judge, who recognized his solitary picket against the construction of the city park illegal. Authorities searched his apartment and seized the computer. The oppositionist was at home at the time and played the accordion, shouting 'Satrapas! Stranglers of freedom!’ to create an 'atmosphere of absurdity'.

Yuri Bogomolov is a translator, journalist, politician and blogger of «7x7»; became deputy of Kasyanov in December, 2016.

Ekaterina Bogdanova, «7x7»


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