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  2. Petrozavodsk ninth-graders could not receive the certificates on time due to dismissal of the 'opposition' director of the lyceum

Petrozavodsk ninth-graders could not receive the certificates on time due to dismissal of the 'opposition' director of the lyceum

The director of Petrozavodsk lyceum Galina Vasilyeva was dismissed on June 23, 2017 for unknown reasons. Graduates of the school and teachers learned about this during the prom. Parents and schoolchildren are demanding the city-manager to reinstate Vasilyeva in position. City administration does not comment on the situation referring to the absence of the city-manager.

Galina Vasilyeva herself did not comment on the situation in detail:

'I can not specify yet, although I have something to tell. Children wait for their certificates which I was not allowed to finish [on Friday]. In addition, I expect a comment from those who made this decision [about dismissal]. Personally they [Petrozavodsk administration] only informed me, they fired me without explaining the reasons. At first they said that they [have complaints] against me. Then my age seemed unsuitable to them. So there is only a political component, there is nothing else.'

Her party members of the Communist Party also consider dismissal as political. The leader of the Karelian Communists Yevgeny Ulyanov told «7x7» that the party has already issued a special statement, calling it 'a mean and cynical political persecution'.

'We are very affected by this situation. We will fight for Galina Vasilyevna until the end. I informed the Central Committee of the Party. They said that they would interfere in the situation. We will use the available party resources, and if necessary, go to court. Yes, she is an inconvenient deputy, she was already warned that she behaved more restraint in relation to the leadership of the mayoralty. But she is a person of principle, she always expresses her point of view openly. She was punished for her intractability and adherence to principles,' Ulyanov added.

The government of Karelia is going to create a working group to make a decision on the situation. 'Based on the appeals of the parent and pedagogical community, a working group has been set up in the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Karelia that will study the situation related to the dismissal of the director of Lyceum #13 in Petrozavodsk Vasilyeva Galina Vasilyevna,' the Ministry of Education said.

Galina Vasilyeva was a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Karelia (Communist Party faction) in 2011-2016.

Gleb Yarovoy, «7x7»


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