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  2. Kaluga pupil was called to principal after speaking at a rally against corruption in education

Kaluga pupil was called to principal after speaking at a rally against corruption in education

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According to organizers of the rally, principal of the Kaluga School No. 17 Marina Rodina talked to student who spoke at a rally against problems in education in the Kaluga region on May 14.

The rally organizers provided an audio recording of a conversation between the pupil, his father and the principal. The head of the school asked about specific problems he was talking about, and said that the young man accused 'professionals in unprofessionalism' when he talked about the difficulties of teaching children with different learning profiles in the same class. There was a phrase 'You will speak only for yourself in court'. The conversation in the presence of the student lasted about five minutes, after which the principal talked to the schoolboy's father alone.

Marina Rodina confirmed «7x7» that the conversation took place, but 'professional':

'I taught oratory. We did not have any conflict. He is a winner of various competitions.'

On May 14, about 60 Kaluga residents came to Zhukov Square for a rally dedicated to problems in the field of education of the region. It was organized and conducted by pupils of Lyceum No. 36. The event lasted about an hour and a half.

A pupil of the 10th grade of one of the Kaluga schools Dmitry came to the microphone, leaning on crutches. He said that he broke a leg in school, but the school staff refused to call an ambulance without a medical officer, who was not there during working hours. He had to drive to the hospital by taxi, called by classmates.

One of the students of the Kaluga university told that the labor exchange offers the vacancies of waiters for the students of the law faculty:

'Students have a question: 'Why the hell am I training to be a lawyer if I will work as a waiter?'. Is not it easier to leave the university, not to waste time and money and work in the service sector? We all know that many of us get job because of corruption.'

The youth meeting was supported by a representative of the local staff of the Commissioner for the Rights of Students Sergei Stupnikov.

The organizers of the rally planned to hold it in the center of Kaluga on Teatralnaya Square, but it turned out that a contest of drawing on asphalt had already been planned at this place. A member of the initiative group of students Alexander Vasilyev was called to the assistant of the Minister of Education of the Kaluga region, who warned Vasilyev of problems in the future due to protest activity. An official involved in the prevention of extremism in the ministry compared the protesters to the 'food for powder of Navalny'.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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