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  2. Kindergarten teacher who participated in anti-corruption rally on March 26 fired in Chuvashia

Kindergarten teacher who participated in anti-corruption rally on March 26 fired in Chuvashia

Daniil Kuznetsov

An activist Alyona Blinova was fired from kindergarten #203 in Cheboksary after participating in so called "walks of free people". The official cause for the dismissal is for non-performance of her employment duties, as the dismissed kindergarten teacher said to "7x7".

According to Alyona Blinova, her chiefs had complaints about the content of her personal page "VKontakte", but the official reason was a "repeated failure to perform her duties".

"We had a conversation with the head mistress. I explained her that since I was an activist, every Sunday I went on "walks", and she knows about it for a long time. I told her that after my dismissal the news would be posted, they would be viewed. She told me in reply: "Are you threatening me? Will your fellows shoot me? " The manager said that she had viewed my page "Vkontakte", so she said: "I saw there such things...". She had in mind rallies, protests," Blinova explained.

Blinova reported that she had claims from the kindergarten directory for the fact that last November she had begged off work to feed her children. Perhaps that was the pretext for dismissal.

The head mistress of the kindergarten #203 Veronika Khayalutdinova refused to answer the questions of "7x7" reporter over the phone.

"I can't answer it on the phone, I don't know who you are. I don't see you, I don't see whether you are Daniil or an Ivan. Goodbye," she got off the phone.

A human rights defender Aleksey Glukhov presupposed that law enforcement officers could hold Alyona Blinova responsible for default on police officers' receivables under the Article 19.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. Like many other Chuvash activists sentenced to the same fine, she participated in the environmental action of the Young Guard of United Russia on March 26 in Cheboksary.

Seven Chuvash activists have been slapped with a fine of 500 to 1000 rubles by the Leninsky District Court of Cheboksary. They were imputed with the fact that the activists came to the event of the Young Guard with slogans and posters against corruption. Many of them were brought to the police station for drawing up the protocols already after the rally. For example, on March 31, policemen took a violinist Andrei Osipov from the orchestra rehearsal.

On March 26 there were rallies against corruption held in many major cities of the country.

On April 1, a journalist from Arkhangelsk told about being dismissed for her opposition activity.


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