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  2. United Russia Party member from Komi gained the confidence of the opposition and uncovered their plans to overthrow the government! How he managed to do that

United Russia Party member from Komi gained the confidence of the opposition and uncovered their plans to overthrow the government! How he managed to do that

Ekaterina Lobanovskaya
Photo by Noelle Otto. Source: pexels.com
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Nikolai Yurkovsky, deputy of the village of Vylgort, filed an appeal with the FSB against several communities on vk.com. He indicated in the statement that the opposition was planning to overthrow the government in Russia using public communities. He learned this by "infiltrating" the Communist Party and other liberal forces. His plan is described in stages in the statement to the department, which he sent to 7x7. Let us briefly tell you how Yurkovsky did it.

What made the deputy infiltrate the opposition

At the beginning of 2021, then-United Russia deputy Nikolai Yurkovsky noticed that "no one was doing anything at all" to prepare for elections to rural settlements of the republic and the State Duma. At the same time, Yurkovsky was monitoring the opposition parties' diligent work. He asked his colleagues in United Russia, "Why are we not preparing?" and learned that there would be local government reform in Russia soon, and village councils were going to be liquidated.

"If we use the presidential elections of 2024 as an example, it is easy to guess that we need to choose Vladimir Vladimirovich, but he will not be elected due to the fact that the hinterland we lost in the autimn of 2021 will vote down.

And if he is elected, it will be easy to launch a protest process not only in large cities, but also in non-urban area by means of declaring the elections illegitimate or under another pretext," Yurkovsky wrote in a statement to the FSB.

How Nikolai Yurkovsky gained the confidence of communists and liberals

After the response of his party colleagues, Nikolai Yurkovsky decided to independently verify the correctness of his assumptions about the upcoming plans to overthrow the government. He had the opportunity. At the beginning of 2021, as Deputy Head of the Folk Crafts Center, he received an agreement from a new regional operator, in which the trash pickup tariff increased from 2 to 11 thousand rubles.

"Since the topic of garbage reform is one of the forces for protest, I considered this case to be a good opportunity and did not miss it," the deputy explained.

He began publishing correspondence with the regional operator and responses from official authorities on vk.com. In June, Yurkovsky wrote that he was leaving United Russia because of the inaction and connivance of the authorities in resolving his issue. According to him, after a while he met with communist Oleg Mikhailov, who allegedly promised to help. But, according to the deputy, "he did not do a thing."

During this time, Yurkovsky's critical posts were published in environmental communities. At the end of July, he was offered to run for the village council of Vylgort from the Communist Party, which he did.

What State Duma deputy Oleg Mikhailov told him

At one of the personal meetings with State Duma deputy Oleg Mikhailov, which took place at the Revolt Pimenov Center, Yurkovsky asked him "what he was doing in this hotbed of liberal ideas." According to Yurkovsky, Mikhailov replied to him that this was a temporary union.

"The first priority is the annihilation of United Russia, the next one is to become the head of the republic, then choose our own president," Mikhailov said, according to Yurkovsky.

We could not reach Oleg Mikhailov promptly to confirm or refute these words.


Nikolai Yurkovsky wrote in the statement that all this time, while he was gaining confidence in the opposition, he reported his actions to "higher-ranking" colleagues from United Russia. In August, he gave them theses about the united opposition forces’ activities that must be immediately responded to. In particular, Yurkovsky proposed a set of measures to minimize the impact of the processes on the electorate. But, according to him, colleagues from the party ignored his messages.

Yurkovsky asked the local FSB to check 15 communities on vk.com, in particular 7x7 Komi, for distributing separatist moods and "artificially stimulating protest potential." He worries that the administration of the communities, which broadcasts information about the actions of civil society in Komi, can implement a scenario "similar to the Ukrainian, Belarusian and Kazakhstani ones".

7x7’s correspondent tried to contact Nikolai Yurkovsky to find out how he evaluated his work's results. The deputy explained that he would not give any comments to "media outlets like yours."

"To clarify specific points, we need to discuss everything, point out certain things, it takes time and should not be done on the phone. Besides, as you have noticed, your media outlet is on the list, why would I comment on something to you if you work within the framework of a prominent non-governmental opposition? You will definitely distort everything," Yurkovsky said.


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