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  2. "7x7" raised funds to pay a fine from Roskomnadzor. You can support our work by making monthly payments

"7x7" raised funds to pay a fine from Roskomnadzor. You can support our work by making monthly payments

840 thousand rubles were raised one day after the start of the campaign

Online journal «7x7» raised 840 thousand rubles to pay a fine from Roskomnadzor. The amount was collected within 24 hours after the decision of Syktyvkar city court. The editorial thanks everyone who donated and launches a crowdaming campaign: we suggest to issue a monthly payment to support the work of «7x7».

Where regular payments will go

The editorial board will send funds to fees to correspondents, photographers and videographers. We want to make more good materials about life and important events in the province, write about human rights, social problems and the political situation. Just how we did this in the material about the families of those arrested in the Network case in Penza and St. Petersburg, in the investigation of the accident at the Severnaya mine or the report from the small northern town of Inta, where the last coal mine was closed.

How the fundraising campaign ended

On the morning of September 1, 846310 rubles were transferred to the account, which were sent by 236 payments. We can not say for sure, but most likely, more than half the amount was transferred by one person, who made a series of large anonymous payments. Thank you!

Payment in the equivalent of 2400 rubles was made in bitcoins

Other ways to support «7x7»

You can create a blog to write about the events in your region, about what seems important and interesting to you. You can also subscribe to our Facebook, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki pages, our Twitter or YouTube channel and Yandex.Zen.

On June 20, «7x7» was fined by 800 thousand rubles for promoting the drugs and editor-in-chief Sofia Krapotkina — by 40 thousand rubles. (Article 6.13 of the Code of Administrative Offenses).

According to the court, an interview of a blogger Alexander Smoleev with the liberatarian Mikhail Svetov contains drug propaganda. The politician talked about dangers of synthetic drugs and heroin. According to Roskomnadzor experts, heroin was "put in a good light." On August 30 Syktyvkar city court upheld this decision.

The editorial board is represented by Voronezh Mass Media Defence Center and lawyer Vladimir Zubkov.


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