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Single picket in support of human rights activist Vladimir Kasatkin in Kirov

Head of the Kirov the detention center No. 1 sent a participant of a single picket in support of the arrested human rights defender Vladimir Kasatkin to stand in the snow

Tatiana Krestyaninova
by Sergei Yuferov
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On March 16, a Kirov resident Tatyana Krestyaninova held a single picket near detention center No.1 in support of human rights activist Vladimir Kasatkin, who is accused of committing acts of depravity against minors. The woman managed to stand at the detention center for less than five minutes. What happened at the fence — in the report of «7x7».

Tatiana Krestyaninova is Vladimir Kasatkin's longtime acquaintance, he helped her in long-standing litigation with the Kirov administration. Before the start of the picket she told the «7x7» correspondent why she decided to make this action:

"We've known each other for about 15 years, he always helped me. I know his mother. She told me: "Tanya, please, do not leave Volodya, after I pass." She felt sorry for her son. I send him parcels often, we correspond. I read the last letter with tears. He was lying close to death for two days, his legs were swollen, he almost could not write; he has heart problems and diabetes. He must be treated, and they are going to send him to psychiatric examination. I want him to have medical help, he needs to get to the infirmary urgently. This is first and foremost, this is the most urgent."



Tatiana opens the letter, reads through and starts crying.

"I do not know how to help him. He did not eat for two weeks [the food of the detention center does not suit him], he already has a rejection of food. He was ready to die, it's good that my parcel was received in time, he ate. In the letter he writes that he has already finished all his earthly affairs. He prepared himself for death, you see? He writes: "I do not hope to survive." Vladimir Yuryevich does not understand why he is being held there, he did nothing wrong in his life. He always took compassion, recently he had nothing to eat, everyone fed him. He even gives me advice on hearings in letters," continues Tatiana, wiping away her tears.

Tatiana Krestyaninova stood at the fence of the detention center with a poster with the hashtag #DeloKasatkina. Around the building, there are several special vehicles and about a dozen employees. They did not show interest in her. About ten minutes after the picket began, a man in uniform came out of the building. He noticed Krestyaninova, approached her, introduced himself as the head of the detention center Kirill Popov, and asked why the woman was standing here.

"I have a single picket."

"This is a regime territory, shooting is prohibited. If you do not leave the place now, you will be escorted to the Pervomaysky district police department," he said, for some reason mostly referring to the correspondent of «7x7». He telephoned and instructed to contact the police department.

"Are you going away now or are you crossing?" he specified.

"Well, tell me where I can stand," Tatiana answered.

"Go to the turnaround [turn to the Alexander Park] and stand there, you can not stand near the prison, 50 meters of regime territory."

Tatiana clarified where she could stand exactly and whether a snowbank near the fence would do for these purpose. The head of the prison did not object, saying that it was no longer his territory. Immediately after that, he left, we could not ask questions about Kasatkin.



Tatiana crossed the road and climbed into the snow. Then she decided that such a distance might not be enough, and moved a further ten meters.

Employees of the detention center looked at her with curiosity, but did not come close. Tatiana stood in the snow for another five minutes and said that she could not risk her health. The picket was over.

In late October 2017, Kirov's human rights defender Vladimir Kasatkin was detained by the police. He was interrogated for seven hours, and then charged with depravity against minors. Investigative Committee does not disclose any information, and the lawyer of the accused refused to communicate with journalists.

Colleagues and friends of Kasatkin do not believe in the truthfulness of the prosecution and consider that the criminal case against the human rights activist is revenge of law enforcement agencies, which he tried to oblige to work under the law. You can read the story of Vladimir Kasatkin here.

Katerina Klepikovskaya, photo by Sergei Yuferov, «7x7»


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