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  2. "They can lay one brick in nine months". Housing equity holders of the "New Sergeevo" in Kirov came to the picket

"They can lay one brick in nine months". Housing equity holders of the "New Sergeevo" in Kirov came to the picket

by Denis Strelkov

On November 25, equity holders of the unfinished residential complex "New Sergeevo" came out with a picket to the administration of Kirov again. Three criminal cases have already been instituted, but people still require the state to finish building their homes. The correspondent of «7x7» visited the picket.

In the morning about 20 people with red posters gathered at the Kirov administration.


"Putin, help! Regional authorities are inactive," people chanted. On November 24, the group "Deceived equity holders of Kirov" on VK alleged that one of the victims was called by Russian President Vladimir Putin. «7x7» failed to confirm this information. According to the organizer of the picket Tatiana Shirokova, the regional authorities ignored the information about the call.


Tatiana Shirokova (left)


Tatiana Shirokova demonstrated the transcript of the meeting of the Ministry of Construction of the Kirov region on November 3, which invited an initiative group of deceived equity holders. According to Shirokova, all the work of the authorities is limited to listening to problems.

"But the criminal case has already been brought to "New Sergeevo". What else do they want? There is nothing more serious than criminal one," the elderly passer-by was surprised.


Sergei Chirkov


"New Sergeevo" shareholder Sergei Chirkov says that the authorities do not try to prevent the emergence of new victims of shared construction:

"There are lots of housing equity holders in the country, and it is necessary that they do not appear any more. Okay, our problem is difficult to solve, but more and more people are deceived every day. We are not put on the register of deceived holders, because our developer is not a bankrupt. By law, he can lay one brick in nine months, and that's enough, from the legal point of view, — he works and builds.

After the picket, the organizers decided to come to the house of Valery Logunov, director of the developer company, who has been on medical leave for a long time. According to Shirokova, Logunov did not come out to them.

There are eight problem houses in the Kirov region. People who invested in their construction consider themselves deceived. There is a special register of deceived housing equity holders, but not all of them are included. Participants of the construction of "New Sergeevo" regularly organize rallies and pickets, pasting the city with leaflets and writing to the president. In November 2017, the supervisory authorities recognized the two already built houses of "New Sergeevo" as unfit for occupation.

Denis Strelkov, photo by the author,«7x7»


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