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Repair with broken bricks. Experts checked the roads in Yoshkar-Ola

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The site 'Maps of ruined roads' 119 mentioned streets. Some of them were visited by participants of the Road Inspection of the All-Russia People’s Front. They came to the conclusion that the situation with roads in the city has not changed much for the last two years.

Repair one of the streets needs about 60 million rubles. According to Valentina Isaeva, the head of the department for road repairs of the city administration, about 20 million rubles is allocated.

On emergency sections of this highway, pits and ruts are poured with crushed stone and broken brick.

Only the center of the roadway is considered safe for travel. As the driver is trying to avoid the broken site, large traffic jams are formed. Representatives of the road inspection suggested that this street was not repaired for a long time. Due to the fact that the storm sewage system is located above the surface of the road, water from the roadway spreads to neighboring pits.

Representatives of the municipal administration of Yoshkar-Ola told the All-Russia People’s Front experts that the repair of roads in the city will begin in August. According to the activists, they did not receive a clear answer to the question of why the beginning of the work required waiting for the end of the summer.

Representatives of the Road Inspection noticed repair of gravel and broken brick on Antsiferova street. And Polzunova street leads the most ruined roads of Yoshkar-Ola.

Dmitry Lyubimov, photo: Anna Pyatak, «7x7»


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