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  2. Activist Ildar Dadin asked to return him to the Karelian colony

Activist Ildar Dadin asked to return him to the Karelian colony

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According to "Interfax" referring to the chairman of the regional PMC Alexey Belous, opposition activist Ildar Dadin, transferred to the colony of Altai and declared of torture in IR-7 of Segezha, asked the Altai Public Monitoring Commission to facilitate his return back.

According to Belous, Dadin wants to help prisoners who remained in Karelia penal colony № 7 with his media popularity:

'He believes that there [in Karelia] are tortured prisoners, and that his presence in the colony, attention to his case would influence the situation. Besides, he wants to bring to justice the FSIN staff who transferred him to Altai and severed his connection with family. He gave us this request, and we will make it public,' human rights activist said.

Alexey Belous told "Interfax" that all the conditions are adequate in current place of detention of Dadin, he is engaged in reading and preparation of the text with the description of his situation – at request of members of the PMC. PMC published a statement of the convict.


On January 17, Zotova wrote that she intended to appeal against the refusal of the Altai IR-5 in a date with her husband and that he was transported far from home:

'It's hard without date, but we will pass through. We need to think about other prisoners who remained in Karelia. Now they decided to disband an entire colony in Murmansk, and — guess what? — send people to Segezha! Torture must be stopped, or Karelian sadists will hurt more people.'

Lawyer of Dadin Alexey Liptser in an interview with radio station "Govorit Moskva" commented on the possibility of escorting back to Karelia:

'He is well aware that this is impossible at the moment. Basically, being in Karelia, he said that he did not want to go anywhere.'

Ildar Dadin is Russia's first convicted under article for infringement of order during mass events. International human rights organizations have recognized him "a prisoner of conscience".

November 1, 2016, he told about torture in Segezha IR-7. After that bullying in the colony have not stopped.

January 8, Dadin announced his arrival to the IR-5 of Rubtsovsk, Altai Krai; nothing was known of his whereabouts for more than a month.

January 15, the Sakharov Center in Moscow hosted event in support of the Karelian prisoners.


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