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  2. Dadin who left the Karelian colony a month ago will serve his sentence in Altai

Dadin who left the Karelian colony a month ago will serve his sentence in Altai

On January 8, political prisoner Ildar Dadin called his wife Anastasia Zotova and said that he was in the IR-5 in the city of Rubtsovsk in Altai, – she wrote about it on Facebook.

The site 'Stop torture' posted telephone call of Zotova and Dadin. Dadin told about what was happening in Segezha penal colony №7 and during transit to Altai.

'I was transiting normally, rested from this fascist colony IK-7, but too long – left on December 2nd, and was brought to the end point yesterday. And all this time I was tormented by depression, because every day in that colony was an unbearable hell. I did not know where to find the inner strength to live there for another week, let alone a few months. But living at odds with my own conscience is even harder than to live there. My main task is to go back and to follow through. Practically nothing has not changed in the colony since the publication of my letter, and in some ways has become even worse. The good thing is that their started heating, immediately stopped beating and removed the music of "Lube", which was turned on during these beatings. The bestial attitude remained, and has become even worse in some ways.

According to Dadin, he stayed "on delivery" to Tyumen for about 20 days.

Dadin was in transit for 37 days, his whereabouts were not known.

Ildar Dadin is Russia's first convicted under a repeated violation of the order during mass events. November 1, he reported on torture in Segezha IR-7. International human rights organizations have recognized him "a prisoner of conscience".

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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