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  2. Participants of the animal protection picket in Kirov demanded to toughen punishment for flayers

Participants of the animal protection picket in Kirov demanded to toughen punishment for flayers

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Actions against abuse of animals were held throughout Russia on November 5. According to organizers, 97 cities took part. The reason was sad. In October of this year on the site "Dvach" there was a record of two female students from Khabarovsk who allegedly tortured homeless animals and killed them. Members have published photos of torture and called for lynching the girls. On this occasion, a criminal case was opened; the two alleged flayers are teenage girls.

Animal defenders of Kirov decided to join the action. On Saturday they held a picket in defense of animals on Theater Square; it was visited by correspondent of «7x7».

The event was scheduled for 14:00. By this time, a dozen of people stood at the monument to Lenin, they were holding A4 sheets with black-and-white photographs of puppies and kittens and rolled posters. The number of participants has gradually increased, some of them came with pets. Dogs were happily jumping in the snow, getting to know each other and were the main object of interest of photographers.

Picket started ten minutes later: people lined up in a semicircle, unrolled banners and raised up signs with slogans. They had to stand in silence – rules prohibited to use a sound amplifying equipment or shout slogans on the picket. This was controlled by the police.

According to organizers, the main purpose of the action was to draw attention to the problem and to collect signatures. Participants required to toughen article 245 of the Criminal Code of ill-treatment of animals, equate the offense as serious and bring to justice from 12 years. They also wanted developed and adopted separate law that would regulate the treatment of animals.

'I am very glad that young people and teacher came, teens take part. It is very important that they understand that you need to be kind, and be responsible for animals. Young people still believe that something can change. We have been demanding to take the law, to settle this sphere, but such a large-scale campaign takes place for the first time. This case in Khabarovsk, I think, was the last straw, this case boggles the mind of a normal person. Therefore, we require changes in the law,' one of the organizers Anastasia Vikhareva explained «7x7».

Volunteer and protector of animals Tatiana believed that the case in Khabarovsk was not isolated.

'We brought our shelter dogs, we fight for our dogs are not offended, because nonhumans from Khabarovsk took dogs from shelters. I've been dealing with such issues, it is the whole system. This was not the only case. The authorities do not care about people even, not only animals. And today our people, I would like to see more people come,' she said.

After a while, people standing with placards regrouped and stood in a row. Probably because posters could be seen much better.

The picket lasted until 16:00, although most of the participants frozen and left earlier.

Katerina Klepikovskaya, «7x7»


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