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  2. Oil spill in the village of Kosino in the Kirov region was not removed even after the court decision

Oil spill in the village of Kosino in the Kirov region was not removed even after the court decision

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According to the head of the rural settlement Galina Arshinova, the company "Teploenergosbyt" has not removed the oil, which hit the territory of fuel oil platforms in the village of Kosino in the Kirov region in July this year. August 17, the court ordered the company to eliminate pollution and reclaim contaminated land.

'There are no movements. There is still fuel. Now it is a cold weather, and it is even more thickened. We just went there on Friday: it [oil] is without movement, nothing drips of the barrel. But no one cleaned it and was not even going to,' Galina Arshinova said.

Rosprirodnadzor found exceeding of the maximum allowable concentrations of oil in the soil samples taken during the site inspection in July. The MPC excess is not specified. The specialists have not found contaminants in the Cheptsa river situated 70 meters from the place of the spill. Oil did not get there.

It became known about the oil spill in Kosino on July 22 when the prosecutor's office published a report about it. But the exact date of the incident is unknown, the locals believe that it happened in the beginning of July. The area of ​​the spill was 120 square meters, the volume of spilled oil products – 16.8 cubic meters (16 817 liters). Fuel spilled from the dormant and not used since 2008 tanks located on the site owned by LLC "Teploenergosbyt". This company is registered in Yekaterinburg, but its owner, according to representatives of the local administration and residents, does not appear on the site and does not respond to the letters and appeals.

There are no intake in the Cheptsa river, but if the oil would fall into the pond, then, according to environmentalists, there was the possibility that the oil would reach the Vyatka river.

Katerina Klepikovskaya, «7x7»


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