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  2. Kostroma volunteers were banned to build a homeless shelter

Kostroma volunteers were banned to build a homeless shelter

According to Alexander Pushkarev, head of the Kostroma charity organization "Voskreseniye", activists could not begin construction of a homeless shelter due to the appearance of additional bureaucratic requirements to the project.

This summer, it was planned to begin construction of the first homeless shelter in the modern history of the city. Unlike neighboring Yaroslavl, there is no state institution for homeless in Kostroma. Non-governmental shelter, organized by philanthropists in adapted wagons, temporary shelters and decommissioned trolley, has been on the street of Communards for six years. During this time, the volunteers provide shelter at their own expense and with the help of donators. But as the constructions are not capital, people can not be registered in the current shelter. In 2015, volunteers found a land for the construction of capital night shelter in Kostroma and started collecting permits.

'I thought the other day we'll get a building permit. No, they came up with a project assessment, which costed hundreds of thousands. Guys, we want to build a night shelter for homeless people so that they did not freeze, did not die, did not kill anyone of you, did not rob, or infect. Well, how else to explain it? Lease of land for construction is paid every day, and construction did not begin,' Alexander Pushkarev said.

'You will see another five shopping centers, ten saunas and restaurants, a public house and museum of bast shoes, and we'll keep going to coordinate project of a night shelter,' he wrote on his page on the social network, adding that additional costs on not previously agreed expertise will make more than 200 thousand rubles. The activist expressed hope that during the meeting with the head of the city administration Viktor Emets, scheduled for June 30, the problem could be "peacefully resolved".

Meanwhile, a charitable organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of the homeless desperately needs help. Volunteers are collecting donations for the salary of social worker bit by bit; he helps homeless people with treatment, employment and solving everyday problems.

'Night shelter in Kostroma needs only six employees. In Yaroslavl, for example, there are more than 20 workplaces. We have three people now. One of our social worker's salary ends in September, it was gathered last year with the help of "Tugeza". It should be 240 thousand rubles per year, taking into account all deductions. Help! Do lives of 30 useless people cost 15 thousand per month? Approximately 350 a year, some people live there for a day, and some – for several years,' Alexander Pushkarev addressed to subscribers.

You can learn how to help the Kostroma night shelter here.


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