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People's Gathering in Syktyvkar after the arrest of the head of the Komi Gayzer. Fast facts

How did people learn of the People's Gathering?

From social networking and friends. A head of the regional branch of the Party of Progress Gregory Kablis created a group of the People's Gathering on "VKontakte" with useful information about the event. September 24, the day before the gathering, the administrators of a social network blocked the group and removed the account of Kablis at the request of the Prosecutor General of Russia.

September 25, Roskomnadzor demanded the online journal to remove the three posts of Gregory Kablis about the People's Gathering, published in «7x7». According to the agency, these records contain incitement to riot, extremist activities, participation in the mass (public) activities carried out in violation of the established order. Editorial of the online journal fulfilled this requirement.

Who came to the gathering?

Different people. Social activists, politicians, students, journalists and others. According to various estimates – from 30 to 50 people. The police were on duty near the statue of Lenin, and not far from it. Security officials in plain clothes filmed the gathering on camera: correspondent of «7x7» drew the attention to at least two people.

Gregory Kablis, head of the regional branch of the Party of Progress in the Komi Republic:

“This is not about how many people gathered today. The point is whether this amount can increase or decrease. So I have to ask — to respond and to encourage others to respond to what is happening around you and in the country. This is absolutely normal. There were no provocation, and never will be. When a lot of people were arrested in the city, it's normal to go out and express something about it.”

We must reach out to new members of the State Council that they had a parliamentary inquiry. If they had not carried it out when Gayzer was in power, then let them do it now.

Leonid Zilberg, social activist, head of the regional branch of the party Parnas:

“Let the investigation sort out, it is normal. There are two people, and I think that maybe it is necessary to organize the collection of signatures to put them under house arrest. It is Pavel Maruschak – it does not matter if he is liked or not. He is disabled and it is very difficult for him to be in prison. He has two young children. And Valeriy Veselov who has terminal cancer. He injects insulin. And I do not understand how he is surviving. Regardless of how we treat them, but these people should better be transferred to house arrest. I think it would be right.”

Sergey Sorokin, journalist, author of the investigation "Zarubincorporated" in the newspaper "Krasnoye Znamya":

“There is a proposal received from a comrade. Why don’t we tell them what we think and expose the "cow of shame" on Monday to the White House [State Council of the Komi Republic], which will host the session of the State Council. These are people selected by this power [pointing to the administration of the head and government of the Komi Republic]. On September 28, they will elect the Speaker, divide the committees and start the same thing. Why don't we go out and tell them to give up their seats. That's all.”

Full video of the national gathering in Syktyvkar here.


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