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  2. Diesel spill recorded by the former member of the Council of Usinsk occurred at the facility of "Usinskgeoneft"

Diesel spill recorded by the former member of the Council of Usinsk occurred at the facility of "Usinskgeoneft"

It was established by the police of Usinsk, but the head of the company "Usinskgeoneft" Vladimir Bezruk argues that the facility has never been rented

Department of the Interior Ministry of Russia in Usinsk refused to open a criminal investigation into the spill of diesel fuel at the oil industry plant in the Usinsk area. Law enforcers ruled that since the amount of spill and damage has not been determined the offense was missing.

Let us recall that the former deputy of the Usinsk Council, entrepreneur Valentin Neredov, accused "Usinskgeoneft" in the environmental emergency. In early August, he shot a video in the territory of one of the industrial facilities of the Usinsk region. Video shows a spilled oily liquid, and workers who do not provide the documents while leaving.

According to Valentin Neredov, «Usinskgeoneft», which is headed by the deputy of the State Council of Komi Vladimir Bezruk, rented facility of his company "Parma" for storage of diesel fuel and its further conveying on deposits,

As follows from the decision, inspection found that the company "Usinskgeoneft" rent the part of the loading rack of dark oil products of «Parma».

Vladimir Bezruk himself argues that the object on the video has never been rented by his company. Today, in a conversation with the correspondent of "7x7" deputy reiterated this and found the police conclusion a possible mistake.

"You know, there is a saying — "guilty mind is never at ease". I have already said that I was a member of the flood commission this spring. We received complaint from residents about flooding. We went to the site, there was a nightmare at the facilities of "Parma". Come to Usinsk, I'll show you. Of course, then we turned to the head of the republic and the prosecutor's office. And Neredov no longer knows how to revenge."

Head of "Parma", in turn, said that the decision of the police confirmed his words and the existence of the lease.

"Yes, a criminal case was refused. But by and large it is more a matter of administration," he commented on the situation. "And the organization of the administrative penalty can be from 150 up to 200 thousand rubles. Vladimir Antonovich Bezruk said that the object was not his property — it’s a lie. And it is not just my words. This is the official document. If you do not believe me, believe the police."

Copies of the decision of the Interior Ministry of Usinsk has also been sent to the prosecutor's office.



Yaroslava Parkhachyova, «7x7»

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