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Organizers of the Syktyvkar BarCamp 2015 published a program of the event

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Today the names of all the speakers at the Syktyvkar BarCamp 2015, which will be held on July 4-5 at the tourist camp "Гажа Вöр", became known. The event organizers have published the program in the social network. There are 41 units: performances, workshops, sports and cultural events.

“The result is a very busy program. There are nine speakers not from the Komi Republic, but from Moscow, Voronezh, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk and Kirov. The format of performances varies; traditional lectures and presentations are complemented by sound experiments and rapid presentations of the books. For the first time there will be dance and yoga. It will be the longest BarCamp, and, I hope, the most interesting!” the organizer of the BarCamp Pavel Andreev said.



The main theme of the BarCamp is the crisis and ways to overcome it. All participants will prepare their performances according to the theme.

For example, the MSU professor, director of the regional program of the Independent Institute for Social Policy, one of the leading experts in the country on the regional economy Natalia Zubarevich will talk about the economic crises in Russia:

“I'll talk about the coming crisis and its regional projection, its specificity and how it differs from past economic crises, including geographically,” Natalia Zubarevich said.

Member of the Committee of Civil Initiatives, a journalist Nikolai Svanidze will speak on the theme "Media as a tool to overcome the crisis". Another member of the CCI, the head of the Center for Philosophical Studies of Ideological Processes, deputy head of Axiology and Philosophical Anthropology Institute of Philosophy Alexander Rubtsov will talk about why the crisis was inevitable.

Announcements of other presentations are published in the group of BarCamp. Moreover, we already know the details of workshops on public speaking, Chinese painting, oriental dance, classical drawing.

The cultural program will include a music show, dances, songs around the campfire, happening and the Evening of a pure sound: the participants will listen to sound art, sounds of different cities and podcasts.

BarCamp organizers asked to pay special attention to logistics and life in a camp. People can still record on the bus to barcamp, which will go on July 4 at 9 am on the St. Stefanovsky Cathedral. In addition, some participants of the camp will go to the tourist base on bicycles. For those who are going to go to the first barcamp it will be useful to read important information about the way of life, food and rules.

Maxim Polyakov, «7x7»


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