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  2. Participants of Boris Nemtsov memory event were attacked in Kostroma

Participants of Boris Nemtsov memory event were attacked in Kostroma

A man who trampled a poster during an arranged memory event will come to trial

Police arrested a man in Kostroma, who attacked participants of the picket arranged by civil society activists in the city center in memory of murdered politician Boris Nemtsov.

At noon on April 12 at Susaninskaya Square in Kostroma there was an agreed picket dedicated to the discussion of socio-political situation in the country and memory of Boris Nemtsov who was shot in Moscow.

Participants of the event stretched a poster criticizing the policy of the Russian president, which, according to the protesters, "leads to a reduction of the population".

They handed out brochures of Boris Nemtsov: "Putin. Results" and "Putin. Corruption" and then rolled out a large portrait of Nemtsov presenting him as the author of anti-corruption publications.

About 12:50 one of the passers-by saw a poster critical, jumped on the picket participants and torn a banner shouting obscene words.

His wife and little child watched it.

Participants of the picket detained a ruffian on their own and immediately gave him to ​​the police presented at the square.

The young man introduced himself to the police as Ivan Morozov.

He stated that the phrase written on the poster angered him and he couldn’t control his emotions.

As organizers of the picket, representatives of the Alternative Public Chamber of Kostroma Viktor Epifanov and Odislav Turansky, explained to reporters, after the event, activists intended to go to the police and write an application to bring him to justice.

“The attacker trampled a poster, broke fishing rod (base of the construction), was swearing. We will require prosecuting him for hooliganism,” organizers said.


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