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  2. Сriminal сase against "Blogger 51" was terminated due to expiry of periods of limitations

Сriminal сase against "Blogger 51" was terminated due to expiry of periods of limitations

Alexander Serebryanikov himself believes that the investigative committee is trying to get rid of him as quickly as possible

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Today the site of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Murmansk region reported that "termination of the criminal case against Alexander Serebryanikov due to expiry of periods of limitations".

It is about popular in the Murmansk region "Blogger 51", who became a defendant in a criminal case under article "extremism" in the summer of 2013. According to the owner of the resource, the reason for the case was one of the publications on the site bloger51.com which appeared after the portal crack.

In an interview to "7x7" Alexander Serebryanikov said that it is too early to rejoice. According to him, members of the investigative committee hastened to disown him as quickly as possible.

— There are still nine days till the decision’s entry into force. In its published press release the investigative committee takes over the functions of the court. There they have a phrase: "During the preliminary and judicial investigation it was found out that Serebryanikov..." etc. Thereby the investigative committee is acting as a court, assessing the court session.

— So you think that they are not competent enough yet to give such information?

— Yes, of course. The investigation committee can only speak for itself, but here they assess the court hearing being out of all relation to it. And it is unknown what was established during the trial, because there was no court verdict.

— Why do you think they published this information so quickly? Is that because it’s high-profile?

— On the one hand, the case is high-profile, on the other hand, I caused a lot of trouble to them. For example, Valentin Mikhailov with Nazi symbols [post about interest the head of the investigation department in Murmansk Valentin Mikhailov to attributes similar to the emblems of the SS divisions]. For me, this is an indicator, guys write because of resentment.

— Do you think that everyone will calm down now? Will the litigation be finished?

— There is nothing to think about it, life will show. At a time when all these things started [summer 2013], the site "Blogger 51" was the only opposition online resource, but the number of such sites has increased during these two years. To close one site doesn’t mean that others will disappear. By the way, the grounds for termination are not rehabilitated, so I can’t go to court and claim any compensation from the investigative committee. But at the same time, I got quite a valuable experience. I can’t advice it to everyone, but the experience was really interesting, it allows to understand the structure of the world around, and I got the right to write about the actions of law enforcement and the investigative committee in particular. Now I have the moral right to do it!

Alexander Borisov, «7x7»


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