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Voluntary-forced donation for a monument of Trifon Vyatksky in Kirov

Employees of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and FPS in the Kirov region anonymously spoke about authorities' request to donate

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A monument to Trifon Vyatsky will be established at the expense of sponsorship funds by the end of May before the start of the Velikoretsky Kirov processionary. Now there is an active charity event in the city. According to the city administration, about 9.6 million rubles was collected for the construction of the monument by the end of January. Total project cost is 11.9 million rubles.

For example, employees of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Kirov region donated more than 3 million rubles, and regional FPS — about 1 million 714 thousand rubles. According to official information, donations are voluntary. However, according to several employees of these agencies, everyone had to give money, so it’s hard to call such donations voluntary. This is confirmed by numerous workers of departments, but only on condition of anonymity.

In particular, one of the police officers commented on fundraising:

“Chiefs said that it is necessary to pay, and everyone chipped in, but I basically didn’t want to do that. Not because I spared 500 rubles, but just because I don’t understand why everyone donate to Trifon Vyatksky. Only those were lucky who had been on vacation or on a long trip.”

According to head of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Kirov region Sergei Barantsev, metropolitan of Vyatka and Sloboda Mark turned to the Regional Police Commander Sergei Solodovnikov first; he offered to help law enforcement officers to collect money. Then management told its subordinates about the request of the minister of the church, and also clarified an account for a voluntary transfer in amount of 500 rubles. According to Barantsev, there was no pressure on the police, they didn’t have to give money. As a result, 6,000 people of 7,000 employees of Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kirov region transferred 500 rubles.

In turn, employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for Kirov gave about 1 million 714 thousand rubles for the construction of the monument. The press service specified that this charity event was attended by almost all the staff and explained that the donation has not been fixed, and there were no specific recommendations to raise funds from the management. The number of employees who didn’t donate was not counted.

Employees of the regional FPS on condition of anonymity said that no one asked for their opinion on the fundraising. One of the department employees:

"It’s not a done thing to show up here. Once the authorities said that it was necessary to pay, it was easier to do this than to attract attention. As a result absolutely everyone donated in our institution: from sub-inspector to the chief."

According to «7x7», funds were collected in several budgetary institutions the same way.

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