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New editor in chief of the online journal «7x7»

Editorial board elected a journalist Maxim Polyakov; he was officially presented today at the Syktyvkar timeclub "Kampus"

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Today, October 30, at the annual "Tea party" in the Syktyvkar timeclub "Kampus" «7x7» presented a new editor in chief of the Interregional online journal to its bloggers and readers.

Every year journalists are elected to this position by the editorial boards. This year it is Maxim Polyakov, until today he worked as a deputy editor of Elena Solovyova. Elena herself went on maternity leave.

Photo: Yaroslava Parkachyova

Maxim Polyakov is 30 years old. He was born in Vorkuta, graduated from school №1, then he came to the capital of Komi, where he graduated from the Faculty of Management of Syktyvkar State University. While still at school he worked on radio in Vorkuta — a wired one first, and then — a commercial gamut.

In Syktyvkar Maxim began to work in the information service of "Russian radio". At the same time he attended seminars and training on radio journalism in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In 2007-2008, several of his reports were noted by the experts of Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting. Maxim becomes the best radio reporter of the country, winning at the festival "Together — radio" in 2008.

The journalist worked at the Komi republican TV channel for about a year, a little over three years — in the news agency "BNKomi" and the newspaper "Youth of the North". He came to «7x7» in June, 2013 as a correspondent of the Komi Republic edition first, and then he became a deputy editor.

Commercial Director of online journal Pavel Andreev presented a brief presentation «7x7: Challenges and Opportunities». For a start, he listed the top most read articles of October of two media — «7x7» and one of the pro-government online-media, inviting the audience to discuss the most popular titles of the media in October. It became clear that the pro-government media do ratings, as Pavel puts it, "on the blood". Their tops are basically the news about high-profile accidents and crime. As for site traffic, it grew slowly for year and a half, peak attendance was on March.

“We will continue to work not on improving the traffic, but to fill the niche of quality journalism,” Pavel Andreev said.

Then the floor was given to the now former editor in chief of «7x7» Elena Solovyova. Speaking of colleagues working in publishing she reported that communication with them broadened her horizons. Meanwhile, a former editor in chief wished commenters "to be a little kinder to each other".

“In my opinion, I was very gentle with the commenters, despite the fact that someone called me "lady-ban". It is difficult to please everybody. I appeal to all of you — let's raise the culture of our communication together. I think I could do more here, so I will have to come back (don’t know yet, however, in what capacity) and to finish something,” Elena Solovyova summed up. Finally there was a culmination of the meeting — presentation of the new editor in chief Maxim Polyakov, the audience gave him a round of applause.  

Editor in chief of «7x7» Maxim Polyakov in his short speech emphasized the fact that the main task of the online journal will be a «social inclusion» in the eyes of its readers and respondents, including officials at all levels, as well as avoiding the perception of «7x7» as «the oppositional».

The final part of the "Tea party" was the statement of proposals and requests from guests who also asked a lot of questions to Maxim Polyakov, some of them were rather thorny. Editor in chief of the online journal is answering in detail at this moment. Read about it tomorrow on the pages of our media.

Yaroslava Parkhachyova, «7x7»


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