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Action for peace in Ukraine was held in Syktyvkar

Its organizer Sergei Yastrebov clarifies that they don't adhere to the position of any opposing party

Today, a flashmob against the war in the neighboring country was held in Syktyvkar at Stefanovskaya square. Its participants have come to call, placed in group "VKontakte". They steped up not far from the monument to Lenin, and each one raised a poster with a letter, forming the words "I am for peace in Ukraine". The police didn't prevent holding the rally.

Photo: Igor Bobrakov

Correspondent of «7x7» saw the event circumstantially — he was just passing by. The main participants of this short action were schoolgirls of 15-16 years.

As the correspondent of «7x7» found out, this flashmob was organized by a young businessman of Syktyvkar Sergei Yastrebov. He explained that neither he nor the other members are involved in politics and support any of the belligerents. They just want peace.

Sergei Yastrebov offers to stop the war by completely peaceful means through the spread of posters, photographs and video messages in social networks on the theme of peace throughout the world and, in particular, in Ukraine, as well as friendship and love. For this purpose he created a group "I am for peace in Ukraine" in "Vkontakte".

In a video posted there he said:

“What can be stronger than informational war that we see today? I believe that only informational peace can be stronger. And only we can create it, all together... Let us choose peace. After all, the peace is all we need. Each of us wants his children, family and friends to live under peaceful sky”.

Sergei Yastrebov called to watch less news, from which, according to him, the heart shrinks, and to direct words and actions on the cause of peace.

Igor Bobrakov, «7x7»

Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/44880

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