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  2. Syktyvkar residents will check the work of the district police officers

Syktyvkar residents will check the work of the district police officers

Results of the monitoring will be discussed with a head of the city DMIA Vladislav Mingela

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Syktyvkar will join a Russian-wide campaign on the interaction of citizens and district police officers, which runs from June 30 to August 15. Several residents plan to bypass the jobs of law enforcement workers, carry out a visual inspection, analysis, and talk to the district police officers. Komi human rights commission "Memorial" has become a partner of the event in the republic, which today held an organizational meeting.

Chairman of the KHRC "Memorial" Igor Sazhin said that it is not the first year when Syktyvkar people take part in such action, which aim is to develop proposals for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and society. Most often, they are about how to make the communication of citizens and police officers more productive.

"Our aim is simple — to go inside, look, talk. We look at the building itself and draw conclusions. Open the door, go inside, make the first conclusion. Then talk to the district police officer and people, including those who live nearby, Igor Sazhin briefly described the actions. In Syktyvkar there is a problem  no signs, arrows, pointers. It's very difficult to find stations. There is a street Stantsionnaya with a police station. And you need to poke way to find it... It's a hidden thing, and it's not normal."

Each checker will have a form to fill data. For example, to assess if it's easy to find the station, if it's possible to get there in a wheelchair, to assess the appearance of the officer, the way he talks etc.

All the information will be recorded into electronic form, and then processed. Results of the analysis will be transferred to Moscow. In Syktyvkar the DMIA leadership of the city will be offered to hold a round table to discuss the action.

The idea is to assess our district officers ourselves. Then we'll call Mingela [head of DMIA of Syktyvkar], come to the negotiating table and tell our recommendations."

And what if we come, and the district officer doesn't want to talk to us?

Ministry of Internal Affairs sent a letter to everyone that it was necessary to join the campaign. But if they won't, we shouldn't argue. In this case, we need to write that there is a denial, and to analyze the building from the outside,Igor Sazhin said.

As a result, the campaign participants split into groups, at least three people each, and agreed to start a round check on Monday.

Those who wish to join the campaign can call +7 904 221 42 68.

Maxim Polyakov, «7x7»

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