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  2. Head of Kirov Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia observes publications of bloggers and media

Head of Kirov Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia observes publications of bloggers and media

At a press conference Sergei Solodovnikov told what opinion he shared with lawyer and public figure Anton Dolgih

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July 10, Head of Kirov Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Police Lieutenant General Sergei Solodovnikov held a press conference.

Photo: Press Service of DMIA of Russia in the Kirov region

During communication with journalists Sergei Solodovnikov said that he responded to all constructive comments to the police, which appear in the media.

In particular, for several minutes, he discussed with journalists a publication of a public figure — Director of the Center for Legal Expertise Anton Dolgih. Let us recall that in late June Anton Vitalyevich wrote an open letter to Sergei Solodovnikov in his blog, which sharply criticized the work of the chief of the traffic police DMIA of Russia in the Kirov region Alexander Plotnikov and head of the Russian Interior Ministry traffic police MO "Kirovo-Chepetsky" Igor Igoshin, and then asked Solodovnikov to consider the possibility to relieve Plotnikov and Igoshin.

Head of Kirov Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Sergei Solodovnikov:

“Anton Dolgih actively publishes comments in the media on the work of the traffic police. I respond on the part where he's right, and we’ll pay attention to these issues. But I assure you, the amount of committed traffic accidents depends not only on the quality of the traffic police, there is also a human factor. Nevertheless, we pay a lot of attention to road safety. I held a meeting on this topic recently, harshly criticized the chief of the city traffic police, and we are going to actively and systemically continue building this work. Head of the unit mustn’t sit in the office for days; if he is a chief of the traffic police, he must take to the streets of the city, go around, look out for degree of security, to regulate working squads, to work actively with community groups. I don’t want to say that we have failed this job, but there are omissions, I agree with Anton Dolgih. We accept these comments and are going to react.”

Onlne-journal «7x7» decided to find out the attitude of Anton Dolgih to the position of Sergei Solodovnikov and asked lawyer to comment on:

“I was convinced that General Solodovnikov read my articles and knew about my civil and professional positions, as he had many opportunities to personally ensure the adequacy and professionalism of this person. He doesn’t simply accept civil society — he encourages civil society to cooperate! However, the fact that Sergei Solodovnikov found it necessary to pronounce the name "Anton Dolgih" in public, in the presence of journalists, and to respond to my very critical opinion, I must admit, gave me a sense of satisfaction and even joy. Despite the fact that the same Plotnikov openly calls me "pug-dog-barking-at-the elephant", I achieved my goal — "food for thought" has reached the addressee”.

Of course, it would be foolish to expect that General would dismiss Plotnikov, Lyalin, Igoshin or anyone else only because "Dolgih asked to treat a question".

I wanted to draw attention of S. Solodovnikov that there is a situation with accidence, including the investigation of conscious personnel policy pursued by amateurs and careerists — some of them haven’t worked a single day on the road, "on earth". In my opinion, Plotnikov and Lyalin squeeze disagreeable employees — and are already very successful, it should be noted. So, battalion commander Dmitri Alexeev was forced to resign from the ranks of the traffic police.

I think that the general learns a lot, if he wants. For example, you could ask the same Sergei Lyalin, whether he uses a company-provided vehicle for private purposes, whether he drives a company-provided vehicle in a drunken state, whether he was convicted of bribery by colleagues. Plotnikov could also be asked about lots of things... Where there’s desire and will”.

Ivan Izmailov, «7x7»

Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/44561


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