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Third Syktyvkar BarCamp. Online report. Day two

Dear readers, we are starting an online report of the second day of the Third Syktyvkar BarCamp. The camp is slowly waking up and preparing for master classes.

Until then, some night photos. Camp participants divided into several groups. One of them was located at the campfire singing songs. DDT, "Kino", Kinchev and even "Ruki vverh".

Another group settled down on the field. The field was closed down by the fog, and only a careless cyclist with a hat broke into peace of gathered.

By the way, all the details of the first day you can read HERE. How was it? Productive, informative, free, interesting, relaxed. The highest estimation is the comment of our skeptic blogger Alexei Semyonov. And he wrote that everything was fine.

Meanwhile, the first teaching master class begins. Staff of the Youth Center in Syktyvkar tells how to execute applications for grants. There are several common mistakes of the beginners. For example, the stated goals do not coincide with the final results. Or purposes of the project are not relevant to purposes of the contest. Another "bottleneck" — few specifics in the budget: "The authors wrote that they will spend 50 thousand, but it is not clear how and what". It is important to register all spending by object of expenditure: office supplies — 6530 rubles, construction materials — 16890 rubles, etc.

Along with it Maxim Polyakov conducts master class on video filming and editing. Since it is essentially a practical lesson, listeners jump from their seats from time to time and are concentrated around the speaker, who immediately films and shows the result, tells what you can and can’t do while filming. Currently there are about thirty potential operators, hovering up new information.

Briefly about a spokesman: Maxim Polyakov — participant of the training program "Videoschool" of the organization "People in Need" (Prague), who also has an experience of working on the Komi Republic channel "Yurgan". It should be added that he is also a very talented man, perfectly able to explain and not greedy in the sense that he willingly shares the secrets of filming.

In addition to describing the process of video, Maxim told about 12 most common mistakes during the interview, and explained how to avoid mistakes when editing.

Another master class is currently conducted by Vitus Media and Maria Gordeeva. More precisely, this is an introductory course on human rights for dummies. There are about twenty dummies. Speakers admit that the rights issue is specific, due to its seriousness and importance. They explained in lay language how human rights differ from other rights, what you should do when all dissidents die and tried to answer the question of whether human rights will exist in the near future.

The audience took an active part — made ​​associative array and listed types of conflicts. Well, gave a good account of themselves. Then the speakers noted that, on the one hand, human rights are the values ​​and norms, and on the other — the standards and mechanisms. Therefore it is very important to consider the nature of the duality of human rights, since studying this topic, you need to understand how exactly they are related to citizens. And it's important not to forget human rights — it is always the relationship between the individual and the state, the verticality refers to a situation of "man-power", and the state has the right to violence, no matter how we slice it.

Meanwhile, the storm began, and for some reason the internet connection became better. Magic! We want to say right away that the nature didn’t prevent the holding of workshops, which continued on the same places.

By the way, we lost electricity for some time (the forces of evil are on the watch). But we still have time to tell you about it.

Meanwhile, master classes continue. Speakers may find a bad weather works in their favour (rain slacked). The listeners are not so tempted to run across the field and swim in the local lake (water is warm, by the way), but instead they are listening with interest to Andrei Stanislavsky on contemporary art. And by the way, not only about contemporary art.

To begin with, Andrei Stanislavsky spoke about Murmansk festival "Urbanfest" where activists from different cities made ​​their presentations as examples of cooperation with the authorities. "It's great and has place to be. When we received a grant for our project "Metro" in Syktyvkar, we didn’t write that the administration helped us. We simply listed the names of those who helped."

According to Andrei, activists should unite; they are divided in Syktyvkar. Moreover, volunteers must tell people what they are able to do in their hometown.

"Syktyvkar project "Urban Legends" mostly offered playgrounds and gardens," he said. "As people simply don’t know anything about the possibilities of landscape design, don’t know other forms. They need to be told about it".

According to him, the competition "Urban Legends" can be transformed. He proposed to invite urban designers to Syktyvkar, who would discuss their ideas with residents. Good ones would be supported and inappropriate would be rejected. Moreover, these people would be engaged in the project implementation process.

Now a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of Russia Sergey Krivenko communicates with BarCamp participants on the call. According to him, in the army, there are a lot of overreaches, including reporting and monitoring. "Your wallet was stolen; you don’t go to the police but write a report to the commander. Something else happened; you write a report to the commander again. And they make a contract with you on alternative civil service, for which you have obligations, but there is also freedom," he said.

A member of the Save the Pechora Committee Ivan Ivanov gave a half-hour lecture on the oil spill. He spoke about the difficult relationship between oil companies in the Usinsk and Izhemsk districts and local residents who usually live only on craft and suffer greatly from oil spills and accidents related to its productions.

15-year-old Diana Besputina shares her experience, she became a volunteer. Syktyvkar girl have been helping a shelter for homeless animals "Friend" and shelter "Koshki za okoshkom" for three years. About the first one, which appeared earlier, she learned from social media when she was 12 years old.

At first she just watched the group on the site "VKontakte", after a while there was a desire to go there. But parents didn’t allow her, because the organization is out of town — in Verhny Chov. But then dad of Diana relented and brought her to the shelter himself.

Seeing sick animals and realizing that Diana could help them, the volunteer couldn’t be held. Now she often helps the shelter and tries to engage the others. After all, this is quite easy. Even despite her young age.

Schoolboy Nikita Chernov tried to dissuade the audience that video games are one of the causes of aggression in children. Present teachers got into argument and won. But all came out well, everyone is alive. However, everyone agreed to differ.

The next speaker was Oleg Drozdov, who came from Karelia. He spoke about the initiative of small towns in the region.

The final speaker was a human rights activist from Voronezh, a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation Andrei Yurov. The conversation was rather pessimistic. The theme of his speech was: "Ukraine — between the struggle for human rights and humanitarian catastrophe". Andrei Yurov said that today we are facing the destruction of perennial ties with the people of Ukraine, and stressed that we don’t realize the depth of the conflict between the Russian and Ukrainian people.

He also said that all Russian, Ukrainian and western channels feed the information the same way:

Photo: Nikita Chernov

"Not that they don’t tell the truth, they just give a small piece of it, and it is impossible to understand the situation. You can show horse’s anus and say that this is a horse, and it will be true. You can show horse's teeth and say that it's a horse. That’s what all of our news channels do."

Andrei Yurov advised not to use the information resources at all. Since everyone is extremely interested in the situation of Ukraine and Russia. Gradually they switched to issues relevant to the situation of the international community and the possibility of a new Cold War. Andrei Yurov said that the Cold War has already started; it's just a war of everyone against everyone. Countries don’t fight for the rights and values, they fight for their own interests.

Photo: Nikita Chernov

A human rights activist also said that at night he formed and even tweeted what a real Ombudsman should be like:

“The real strength and professionalism of human rights defenders lays in protecting those whom they find disgusting”.

“And will you also protect a person's right to take drugs?” Alexander Shchigolev asked.

Andrei Yurov answered that the right for taking drugs is not prescribed anywhere, and thus it doesn’t apply to the sphere of human rights.

“All human rights activists have long been unanimously calling for international investigation of all episodes occurring in Ukraine, starting from the 30th of November. This also applies to events in Odessa and Kramatorsk. But the fact is that, apparently, an independent international investigation is unnecessary”.

According to the human rights defender, the genie is out of the bottle. But it is unclear who exactly released it.

Friends! Barcamp is over. Thanks to everyone who took part in it. Looking forward to seeing you next year. And we promise to post videos of the speeches in the near future.

Maxim Polyakov, Yaroslava Parkhacheva, «7x7»



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