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Negotiations have stalled

Another meeting of "LUKOIL" LLC with the leadership of the Save the Pechora Committee, inter-regional public movement "Iz'vatas" and the initiative group of citizens of Krasnobor has been unsuccessful

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June 29, another meeting of representatives of "LUKOIL" LLC with the leadership of the Save the Pechora Committee, inter-regional public movement "Iz'vatas" and the initiative group of citizens of Krasnobor. The meeting was planned earlier and assumed negotiations on two fronts — the ecological and socio-economic. To this end, members of "LUKOIL" LLC should have come, representing the department of environmental safety, and management of social policy of the central office.

Instead of this troops of representatives of "LUKOIL-Komi" LLC Karen Begagaev (director of "LUKOIL-Ukhtaneftegaz" territorial production facility, "LUKOIL-Komi" LLC), Yevgeniya  Tyomnaya (Deputy General Director of Public Relations - Head of Centre public Relations LLC "LUKOIL-Komi") and Vladimir Gerasimov (Head of regional communications, Public Relations) landed at the Izhemsky district once again. This time they brought two deputies of the State Duma — Leonid Ogul and Alexander Vasilenko for support. Informed sources have revealed that these two deputies are lobbying the interests of "Gazprom" and "Lukoil" in the Duma and actively lobbied a recently infamous bill to abolish the mandatory environmental impact assessment of projects. It’s easy to guess, why they were brought to the area by the representatives of Lukoil. It is also worth noting that they were elected to the Duma from other regions.

A helicopter was given a hospitable welcome, i.e. was met with posters "Our dirt, your money!". Whom did they mean? Maybe lukoylovtsy? Maybe the Duma deputies? The guests ignored this issue and urgently went to school and kindergarten of Krasnobor. For the three months of negotiations and meetings, they finally decided to get acquainted with a social sphere of the village, but without members of the initiative group. Apparently, they would interfere with communication with the public.

Members of the public, due to such group of negotiators, offered to start with deputies. However, an hour of talking to deputies and lukoylovtsy led to totally unproductive negotiations, as during all the previous five meetings and roundtables. Thereafter leaders of "Iz'vatas", the Save the Pechora Committee, and the initiative group of citizens of Krasnobor presented their demands to the deputies of the State Duma to transmit them to the President of "Lukoil" LLC Vagit Alekperov in the form of a deputy request. Deputies answered that it was impossible.

At this another ineffective meeting was over. "You have a month to take actions according to our demands, otherwise we will act in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the Russian Federation", residents of Izhema said and left the venue.

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