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  2. Prosecutors revealed a violation of the detention of the head of "Progress Party" branch in Kirov Vitaly Brumm in Che Pay bar

Prosecutors revealed a violation of the detention of the head of "Progress Party" branch in Kirov Vitaly Brumm in Che Pay bar

Previously, a supervisor found a violation of the detention of the PMC members

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Public prosecution of the Kirov region has indirectly confirmed that the detainees at Che Pay bar were released after production of certificates of journalists or members of human rights organizations, despite the existing current information against them.

Let us recall that in the night of 21 to 22 of March more than 50 people were detained during a special operation in Che Pay bar, including members of the PMC Denis Shadrin and Artur Abashev, who came to find out where the detainees were taken. After this commission on civil society development of the Public Chamber of the Kirov region adopted an appeal to the Chief of the Regional Ministry of Internal Affairs, which has condemned the police action, and Mikhail Plyusnin applied to public prosecution, which revealed a violation of the detention of the PMC members in the Kirov region.

One of the detainees at the bar was the head of the Kirov regional branch of "Progress Party" Vitaly Brumm, who has applied to public prosecution against employees of the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation for the illegal detention and use of special means against him. According to Brumm, when they began to arrest him, he tried to call the lawyer, but it was prevented by law enforcement officers: a leader of the local branch of Navalny party was handcuffed and taken to the FDCS of the Kirov region. During the search, after finding his certificate of a member of the movement "For Human Rights", he was released.


Handcuff marks on the hands of Vitaly Brumm

According to the response to a request of «7x7» to regional FDCS and MIA, officers didn’t use special means against Brumm.

Moreover, according to the response of the FDCS press service, "there was current information on the people who have been detained by the drug control authorities and taken to the Russian Federal Drug Control Service of the Kirov region". On the question of «7x7», if those who presented a certificate of journalists or human rights organizations were released, the press office of the Drug Control reported that none of the detainees shown such a certificate.

Public Prosecution of the Kirov region determined that Vitaly Brumm was in FDCS of Russia in the Kirov region, as evidenced by the protocol of detention. In accordance with the law, a detention is carried out with the aim of writing a protocol on administrative offense, but the protocol wasn’t drawn up against Brumm. Besides, "there is no information excluding a case concerning an administrative offense or orders to cease production" in the case file. In this regard a submission to eliminate the violations of administrative law was lodged to the chief of the FDCS of Russia in the Kirov region.

Vitaly Brumm commented on the prosecution's decision:

“I am not satisfied with the prosecution’s answer, as the fact of my illegal detention was not considered. I'm going to appeal it. Moreover, this response indirectly but confirms that they let me go when I showed certificate of "For Human Rights" movement. This shows that everyone was detained in Che Pay, and "current information" is just an excuse.

Ivan Izmailov, «7x7»

Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/42377

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