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  2. Russian march in Kirov was held under the slogan "Glory to Ukraine!"

Russian march in Kirov was held under the slogan "Glory to Ukraine!"

Unprecedented security measures on the march of nationalists

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Participants of a May Day Russian march expressed their solidarity with Ukraine, and security forces installed a framework of metal detectors again, arranged personal inspections of the marchers, and the Commission on the affairs of juveniles talked to the minors.


Photo: Sergei Zhilin

Russian March in Kirov for the second consecutive year is carried out using a framework of metal detectors and personal inspection of its participants, but such measures are not taken during other actions.

Video: Artur Abashev

Let us note that at the meeting of the regional antiterrorist commission, held on April 8, assistant manager of the regional operational headquarters Oleg Berdinskih stated that he admits holding events using a theme of recent events in Ukraine. In this regard, Russian law enforcers paid special attention to Russian March, which has been held in Kirov since 2008.

Video: Sergei Zhilin

This year one of the activists carried the flag of Ukraine at the head of the column, and activists shouted "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes", "Russian and Ukrainians — brothers forever", "Off the gang!".

A participant, head of the regional branch of the motion "The Right to Arms" Yaroslav Shitov shared with «7x7» his opinion on the past Russian March:

“Undertaken so-called security measures have been completely irrelevant for this procession, during which the participants expressed their position peacefully and without arms, there was no provocation or violation of the established order of a public event, on the basis of which they could draw a conclusion about the potential dangers that can come from Russian nationalists. In other words, Russian nationalists have always acted within the law. The same I can say about the huge number of police and intelligence services, whose number was almost equal to the total number of participants in Russian March. Besides, paddy wagons were parked at the rally venue. All this only shows that the government is afraid of its own people and doesn’t trust them. But as to a content of the event, the announced slogans were absolutely traditional and escorted Russian march throughout its long history. Slogans in support of the Ukrainian people became hot new of Russian March-2014! We consider Russian and Ukrainian people to be fraternal and are absolutely convinced that we need to move together in the direction of the traditional European way of development, which is the core values ​​such as freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of assembly, the right of people to self-determination based on a spirit of national solidarity. As for the attitude of today’s power to us, unfortunately, the regime chose the position called "who is not with us is against us". Thus the current regime and its supporters de facto reckoned all dissenters as "national traitors", only because we have the audacity to voice the viewpoint different from the official position.

Let us add that the procession was attended by representatives of the joint group of public monitoring, which revealed two police officers who were on duty in a public place and didn’t have badges. For violation of Part 5 of Article 25 of the Police Act activists demanded to bring these employees to disciplinary liability.

Sergei Zhilin, «7x7»

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