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Movement "Essence of Time" warned Kirov residents against protests

Kurginyan supporters distributed leaflets with portraits of the Kirov opposition activists, "who are ready to support the coup d'Etat under Maidan scenario"

A leaflet titled "Maidan is closer than you think" distributed by members of "Essence of Time" in the regional center is devoted entirely to the Kirov opposition activists who opposed the deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine, arriving of the former employees of the Berkut special forces, and also to fans of "Dynamo-Kirov" shouted "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!" during a football match.

The "Essence of time" activist Sophia Skopina told «7x7» about the main point and aim of distributing leaflets:

“Over the past six months we have seen very clearly that neo-Nazism in Ukraine is not a myth. Numerous supporters of Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych proudly show their symbols before the cameras of journalists and news agencies. In this connection the information about the occurrent neo-Nazi revenge should be maximally distributed among our fellow citizens. The purpose of our printed leaflets is to show that there are people in our city who can take their cue from the openly neo-fascist forces, plunging our country into chaos and civil war, by analogy with what is happening in Ukraine now.


In the leaflet, in particular, there is about a series of pickets under the slogan of "Berkut, go away! Murderers have no place in Vyatka land!" conducted by a leader of the Kirov national democrats Vladimir Melkishev. The "Essence of Time" activists believe that Melkishev "retailed Bandera propaganda" as "Berkut didn’t kill anyone".

Vladimir Melkishev commented «7x7» on accusations:

“All accusations of kurginyanovtsy are out of thin air and smells slightly of slander. How did they manage to conclude that the Russian opposition is trying to arrange a coup d'Etat in Russia? It is even theoretically impossible in the current environment. Even I can’t state unequivocally on my attitude to Maidan: on the one hand, I support the struggle of the Ukrainian nation with thieving regime, on the other hand, in the XXI century society must be able to negotiate, and violence is the last argument. However, kurginyanovtsy concluded for me. I even understand the reasons for the emergence of such leaflets. When the president speaks of "national traitors", at the field level it is seen as a guide to action, to the beginning of persecution of dissidents.

The authors of the leaflet didn’t overlook the action of Kirov "Autonomous Action", in which supporters of Kurginyan detected "a repetition of the roughest and delusional propaganda materials of ProMaidan Ukrainian media", as during a picket autonomists talked about the possibility of war as a result of the deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine.

The "Autonomous Action" activist Anton Cherepov shared with «7x7» his thoughts on the leaflets distributed in Kirov:

“I have a positive attitude towards such criticism: if the main yeasayer of Putin propaganda ganged up against us, then we have taken the right direction in this conflict. In search of enemies of the state "Essence of Time" hit the spot for once in a while, "Autonomous Action" is a principal enemy of the capitalist state, as well as any more or less conscientious socialist organization. A turn of the screw and increasing of state propaganda are symptoms of the coming economic crisis. This process is frightening in general, but predictable.

We add that the leaflet is also referred to the head of the regional branch of "Progress Party" Vitaly Brumm, who posted on his personal page on the social network information on refusal of Russian Ministry of Justice to register the party of Navalny. According to Brumm, refusal to register "Progress Party" contributes to the radicalization of the protest. Activists of "Essence of Time" recognized this entry as "an allusion to the Maidan scenario" in Russia.

Sergei Zhilin, «7x7»

Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/41466

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