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  2. Syktyvkar authorities refused to install the new-generation dumpsters promised by Roman Zenishchev

Syktyvkar authorities refused to install the new-generation dumpsters promised by Roman Zenishchev

According to the mayor of the capital of Komi Ivan Pozdeyev, they have been in stock for several years

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At a briefing held after a citywide planning meeting, correspondent of «7x7» asked the head of the administration of Syktyvkar Ivan Pozdeyev about the new generation dumpsters that his predecessor Roman Zenishchev promised to install.

Photos of these five-ton containers produced in Sweden were shown to journalists six years ago. Each has a capacity six times against usual trash cans, but these superdumpsters don’t spoil the look of yard areas, as most of them are dug in the ground.


Moreover, they are hermetically sealed, each tenant can get a magnetic key, so the homeless and dogs will not through about the garbage. In addition, a seal of garbage there is much stronger than in conventional dumpsters, so it can contain four times more, and be disposed more rarely, saving on gasoline. One such container costs 80 thousand rubles.

In summer 2008, the city council adopted a municipal program "Environmental improvement of  Syktyvkar for 2008 — 2010". It was expected to spend 105 million rubles on a new system of collecting and processing of solid waste.

And now, according to Ivan Pozdeyev, dumpsters were purchased, but it turned out that a completely different and very expensive equipment is needed for the disposal of garbage collected there.


Photo: Igor Bobrakov

“Secondly, while dumpsters have a sleazy appearance, they are convenient for people,” the mayor continued to explain. “They are easy to throw trash into. And the newest dumpster should be approached, the lid should be opened... Besides, there is a fear that someone will fall down there and will not be able to get away himself”.

One new generation dumpster was installed in the yard near the houses 170 and 169 on Morozova street as an experiment, but nothing good came from this. People began to throw garbage just this side of the dumpster. And there was a dump next to it.

So the purchased dumpsters gather dust in stock, and the decision to use them is still pending. Besides, the city gradually switches to a separate collection of waste, but such dumpsters make it impossible.

“This question was resolved strangely then,” the mayor admitted. “One part was done, and all further things were not organizationally explored. They didn’t even consider a nuance that we live in the north, and such dumpsters can simply be drifted by snow”.


Igor Bobrakov, «7x7»

Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/41106

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