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  2. Members of the Kirov region PMC were detained during the performance of duty (monitoring of the police actions)

Members of the Kirov region PMC were detained during the performance of duty (monitoring of the police actions)

The court hearing will take place at 14:30 on Monday, March 24, in the Leninsky District Court, Spasskaya, 20, cab. 209, free admission under presentation of passport. Artur Abashev and Denis Shadrin are facing 15 days in jail

A chairman of the public monitoring committee of the Kirov region Artur Abashev and a member of the PMC Denis Shadrin are detained in Kirov.


As Artur Abashev explained by the phone, the events of that night began with the call of the head of the "Progress Party" Kirov branch (former "People's Alliance") Vitaly Brumm; he announced that he and dozens of bar customers of the “Che Pay” bar were illegally detained.


Both members of the PMC responded to the scene to sort out the situation and to find out where the detainees were taken, to go there and find out if their rights are violated.

Handcuff marks on the hands of Abashev. Photo: the author


“We entered the place. There was a SWAT officer wearing mask at the entrance. He asked what we want and who we are. We introduced ourselves, submitted documents and mandates of the PMC and asked on what basis people are detained, where they are taken. Then he called the other officers, who, as it turned out, worked in the department for combating the illicit drug trafficking. We repeated our questions to him, instead of the answers he gave the order to detain us, and then my arms were twisted, fettered with handcuffs behind the back; we were taken out of the room and shoved into a company car. First they brought us to Vorovskogo, 8, to the drug department, drew up a report on conveyance, without explaining anything about the causes of it. Upon this the police insulted us, forbidden calls, no one could know where we are,” the chairman of the PMC told the details of the arrest.

Denis Shadrin. Photo: 7x7


Vitaly Brumm was subsequently released, after drawing protocols of inspection and taking to the department. Artur Abashev and Denis Shadrin were taken to the Leninsky police station of Kirov, where they stayed until morning.


According to Artur Abashev, they drew up a protocol under the article "Disobedience to lawful order of a police officer", and Denis was lodged hooliganism. In the afternoon members of the PMC were brought to the Leninsky District Court of Kirov.


In the call center of the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Kirov region correspondent of "7x7" was told that all comments on the events in the "Cha Pay" bar, including the issue of detention of two members of the PMC may be obtained only through the press service of the Office, which is on the weekend until Monday.


As we were just reported, the hearing adjourned until 14:30 of Monday, March 24. Artur Abashev and Denis Shadrin are out of prison.


Yaroslava Parkhacheva, «7x7»


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/39576 

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