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  2. Rally in support of the accession of Crimea to Russia in Syktyvkar

Rally in support of the accession of Crimea to Russia in Syktyvkar

A call from the stage for the Russian authorities for assistance in conducting of referendums in other regions of Ukraine for their subsequent accession to the Russian Federation

People began to flock to the Teatralnaya Square of Syktyvkar around 17:30. First place in the audience near the stairs of the State Opera and Ballet Theatre of Komi were quick to take in by the representatives of the CPRF and LDPR. Pensioners and veterans, members of the urban social organization of veterans of war, labor, military and law enforcement, which initiated the event, took stand beside them.

Police stopped all the transport at the entrance to the square.


“Where can I park the bus? I brought people,” the driver of a small bus with about two dozens of people asked the police.


“Somewhere behind the theater,” the law enforcement representative recommended.


At about 18 o'clock several hundreds of Syktyvkar people gathered on the square, but there were no thousands of people organizers claimed to be.

Mainly pensioners and students moved to the first row. They began to acclaim the rally presenter, the chairman of the city veteran movement Vladimir Pystin.


He noted that no power won’t prevent the union of the Crimean and Russians and gave the floor to a veteran of the Great Patriotic War Vasily Strekalov, who said that "in general people of Ukraine are kind and good", but now there is rioting in the country because there is no government.

After his speech, the representatives of the party United Russia have decided to press members of the LDPR at the first row and stood with their flags in front of them.


The speakers alternated each other on the improvised stage, but all of them pushed through one thought: power in the neighboring country is captured by Nazis, so Russian people and the Ukrainians themselves need protection.

Poet Nadezhda Miroshnichenko shared the idea that she had never thought that Crimea will affiliate Russia during her lifetime, and even without war.


“Today Crimea showed what means "the people". Today, we, who don’t know our national anthem, don’t know its words, heard that song performed by Russian patriots — all the Crimeans,” Nadezhda Miroshnichenko said, actively gesticulating.

Deputy Speaker of the State Council of Komi Stanislav Hahalkin admitted that he is proud of President Putin, who, in his opinion, "combined all of us". And parliamentarian was elated by those Russians who were willing to provide shelter and "bread" to the Crimeans, who ran from the peninsula.

At that moment, the struggle for media attention escalated in the first row. Patriotic youth led by the chairman of the Komi Youth Parliament Ilya Boloban lined before the rank of the United Russia.

The next speaker, leader of LDPR in Komi Mikhail Bragin, in his speech accused neo-Nazis, fascists, Banderists and lvovtsy of the events in Ukraine.


“There was a coup in Ukraine in February of this year. Banderists, neo-Nazis, fascists, bandits captured the power. The legitimate President Yanukovych was deposed; now he is in exile here in Russia. Overthrew the government, steal, engaged in banditry, frighten the eastern and southern parts of the country. I can responsibly say that there is no Ukraine as such anymore. And the Russians are not guilty, it's the fault of neo-Nazis, fascists, "lvovshina", Banderists, who at the behest of the West and America did with their people what we see now,” Mikhail Bragin said emotionally and addressed to the President, the government and the Federal Assembly.


According to him, the Russian authorities should adopt legislative, legal, financial, moral and coercive measures to ensure that residents of Odessa, Nikolaev, Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Kherson and Zaporozhe held "the same" referendums and joined the Russian Federation.

The last one who was able to speak something into a microphone was the chairman of the Youth Parliament of the Republic Ilya Boloban:


“Our main goal is to prevent hatred... Because otherwise the Americans will achieve their goal,” Ilya Boloban took a pause to get thoughts together. “I want to appeal to the citizens of the south-east of Ukraine. Kharkiv, Crimea, Donbass — Russia! Hang in, we are with you. We don’t stick our people in trouble!


The square emptied within a few minutes.


Maxim Polyakov, «7x7»


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/39371

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