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  2. Oil spill in 100 kilometers away from Izhma

Oil spill in 100 kilometers away from Izhma

Suggested reason of a pipeline breakthrough is a defective welding joint

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«7x7» was informed that today, on March 6, a depressurization of interfield pipeline of integrated oil and gas production unit occurred. BPS Makaryelskoe — CPF Shchelyayur.

Aссording to "LUKOIL- Komi" LLC, official information about the incident is posted on the website of the oil company, but at the time of this writing any press release on the accident was missing. However, information of the depressurization of the pipeline and oil spills with reference to the report of the official site appeared on the website of the agency "BNKomi" almost immediately after appeal of «7x7» to the press service of "LUKOIL-Komi".


It is noteworthy, however, that for some unknown reason the emerging information was almost immediately removed from the news feed of the site.


As the head of the Committee for Environmental Conservation of Izhma Konstantin Kanev told «7x7», two punctures 8x7 and 5x3 mm in diameter arised on the pipeline on both sides of a welding joint. According to him, the volume of spilled oil is about 2-3 cubic meters.


"The spillage is localized, now machinery is working, there is no threat to water bodies. It’s necessary to ensure that the contaminated soil has been removed, as well as to explore the spill site after the snow melts."


Meanwhile, according to our information, the cause of the pipeline breaching could be a defective welding joint. The accident happened 10 kilometers away from the village Makaryel towards Schel'yayur. The distance to the Pechora River is also 10 kilometers. By the time of the commission’s arrival, including representatives of Rosprirodnadzor and Rostechnadzor of Komi, they managed to put a clamp on the pipe.


Photo: pribalt.info


Viktor Ivanov, «7x7»


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/38754

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