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  2. Environmentalists and residents of the village Krasnobor of the Izhemsky Komi district are passed about preparation for oil production near the village

Environmentalists and residents of the village Krasnobor of the Izhemsky Komi district are passed about preparation for oil production near the village

"LUKOIL — Komi" LLC without securing approval of the population develops the sites for construction of new producing wells, which, according to local residents, spells ecological disaster

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«7x7» was reliably informed that villagers wrote a collective letter to the Save the Pechora Committee and Interregional Public Movement of the Komi-Izhemtsy "Iz'vatas", wherein talked about the beginning of work on the preparation of sites for drilling in immediate neighborhood of the village.


As established by social activists, there are truly 4 such sites at a distance of 180 to 230 meters from the border of settlements. Deputies of the Krasnobor village and heads of local businesses and organizations reported to social activists that there were no hearings or approvals with the population on these objects.


A chairman of "Iz'vatas" Nikolai Rochev told online-journal that there were letters sent to Pechora environmental prosecutor's office and the Republican Rosprirodnadzor. However, at the time of any replies (law warrants 30 days for this) work on building sites for drilling wells may already be completed.


In addition, it was found out that the announcement of a public hearing on the matter was in January this year. It follows from the text that they should be held on February 28, with the work that had to be discussed is already managed.


"We plan to initiate urgent meetings of the Krasnobor and Schel'yayur board to bring this issue to the district council meeting," Nikolai Rochev said.


Also, according to him, there is a possibility that soon the villagers come out to protest.


As it is said on the «Pechora rescue Committee» site, before the oil production residents actively used the swamp and the nearby forest to gather cloudberries , cranberries and other berries. In recent years, the villagers complain about lack of berries crop — a consequence of the swamp is dissected by roads, sites for oil production, pipelines. Residents have repeatedly appealed to various authorities about emergency oil spills, smoke screening of settlements from oil production facilities.


"In 2010, after another oil spill on the oilfield pipeline, a swamp land of 7 hectares was burned by saline stratal water. As a result there is not even a mossy cover on this site so far. At that time Lukoil got off with nothing more than a fright, paying half a million rubles fine. So there is a good reason that people hit the alarm, rightly arguing that the construction of new wells in immediate neighborhood of the village spells Krasnobor a real environmental disaster," social activist said.


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/38270


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