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  2. Three people were detained in Kirov because of Olympic Torch Relay

Three people were detained in Kirov because of Olympic Torch Relay

Among them is a journalist of «7х7» detained for 7 days

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Picketers were detained in Kirov on the Olympic Torch Relay day; and a journalist of «7x7», a youth parliament deputy and assistant deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region Dmitry Vokhmintsev, was detained alongside of his home.

"Autonomous Action" activist



On the morning of January 5 Olympic torch arrived in Kirov, and 184 torchbearers in turn carried it around town.


Social activist and journalist of «7x7» Dmitry Vokhmintsev, who came out of the house to illuminate the event, was detained by the Center for Extremism Prevention. The reason for the arrest was an overdue decision of the court on punishment in the form of 30 hours of compulsory community service, which he was in for failing to appear on a picket he organized. Let us recall that he didn’t attend it by reason of illness.

Dmitry Vokhmintsev


Vokhmintsev explained at trial that he performed the compulsory work but after the stated period. The reason was that "Lepse - UYUT", LLC, where he had to be under notice for 30 hours, at the fixed time didn’t give him a job. When the job appeared, he adhered to requirements of the bailiff properly. Despite this, the activist was appointed a 7 days custodial sentence. Currently Vokhmintsev is in a special receiver for administratively arrested persons.

Andrey Perminov. Photo by: Nikolay Pikhtin


Moreover, the police turned the activists of "Autonomous Action" and a civil activist Andrey Perminov from holding pickets, took their posters and detained two participants of anti-fascist movement.

"Autonomous Action" activist Anton Cherepov, twice faced a violation of the law by the security forces during the day, told «7x7» what happened:




Another activist of "Autonomous Action" Natasha Shestakova also told about her arrest:




Activists of "Autonomous Action" are going to apply to Investigation Committee on violations of the laws of the police.


Ivan Izmailov, «7x7»


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/36015

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