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Solving of a problem of refugees

Андрей Родионов
Андрей Родионов
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Actually the easiest way to save countries from the refugees stream – to change an oficial acts about refugee’s status.


That do the both things: helps refugees to be secured and in the same time break the way of cheating with refugee’s status to get better conditions of life.


What is going on right now?
- There are too much people looking for asylum
- There are too much people get it and even more get a refusal


Finally it makes next problems:
- Some people, who really need an asylum, can’t get it
- Some residents of countries getting refugees does not satisfied by this part of policy of their country


The easiest way to stop cheating with asylum: cut out any benefits of one.


If people really need an asylum, let them get a refugee’s status. Refugee’s status without permanent resident equilence. Give them opportunity to work. If they needed a free help at first like food or place to live, let after the solvation of this problem they pay for it.


Don’t give them walfare. Don’t give them a citizenship just because of they are refugees.


As a result:
- People, who need an asylum, should got it
- People, who wanna cheating with refugees status, should not get any benefits from that
- People, who wanna use their refugees status to grow their wealth, will not have this opportunity
- People, who are not satisfied, that there are a lot of refugees in their countries, should know, that it’s just for while. And that refugees does not hurts a budget of the state


There are too much people, who really need an asylum and cannot get one just because of too much people cheating with this status. Let’s work to stop it together.

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